Upscale San Antonio: The 9 Most Exclusive Neighborhoods in the City

This article was originally published on September 13, 2016.  It has updated to reflect current numbers and trends in the San Antonio real estate market. 

In Webster’s Dictionary, the word exclusive is defined as “catering or available to only a few select people.” It’s also defined as “high class and expensive.” In terms of San Antonio neighborhoods, a few meet these definitions to a T. While the average price of a home in the Alamo City runs around $240,000, the neighborhoods that are most exclusive have a vast majority of homes that go for over $1 million- something that only a small percentage of San Antonio’s population has the ability to buy. Million dollar homes, guarded gates, and luxuries beyond belief are only a few of the terms used to describe these San Antonio luxury neighborhoods. See which neighborhoods topped our list and why they are considered the top 9 most exclusive neighborhoods in and around San Antonio.

9. Champions Ridge

•Average price:  $775,987    •Average price per square foot: $171.24     •2 homes sold for $1million+ in 2016

Arguably one of the most desired neighborhoods in far north San Antonio,  Champions Ridge is known for its sprawling hilltop homes. Former home to many of the San Antonio Spurs players, Champions Ridge is not only one of the most sought after areas of San Antonio, it is home to some of the wealthiest people in San Antonio.

Recognizable by name along, Champions Ridge boasts some of the largest custom homes in the Stone Oak area, guarded by a manned gate and a patrolling guard, providing an extra level of security for residents. With houses on sizable lots featuring picturesque views of downtown San Antonio, prices for these homes can range from $600,000 to nearly $4 million.

Though many of the homes in Champions Ridge sport custom swimming pools, residents have access the very exclusive Club at Sonterra, which offers two 18-hole championship golf courses, award-winning gourmet dining, 25 lighted tennis courts, a swimming pool, and a fitness center.

8. Dominion

•Average price: $752,908     •Average price per square foot: $180.04      •21 Homes sold for $1million+ in 2016

Just the name of the neighborhood alone exudes luxury; and with an extensive collection of the most expensive homes in San Antonio located in this community, there is no wonder why The Dominion has a reputation for being exclusive. The Dominion represents the best of two worlds. Within its gates, a world of unparalleled luxurious living is found, yet outside the gates, the metropolitan amenities of the city are within easy reach.

Known for decades as a premier luxury neighborhood in the city, the name alone invokes images of mansions, celebrities, and affluent lifestyles. The neighborhood of choice for many celebrities who call San Antonio home, the Dominion contains over six hundred private homes, guarded at all gated entrances and patrolled around the clock.

Ranging from garden homes nestled along the golf course to expansive mansions valued at upwards of $12 million, the community is made up of multiple sub-sections, all with access to the luxurious lifestyle that the Dominion is known for, right at their fingertips.

Complete with its own golf course, country club, guard gate, and picturesque ponds with swans, the pristinely manicured community offers amenities that have become icons for budding luxury communities. A members-only club, the Dominion Country Club offers a world-class golf course, seven separate dining areas, a wine room, 13 tennis courts, an Olympic-sized pool, and a spa.

While the location is a huge appeal to residents of The Dominion, the range in price offers many different options to those wanting to call the neighborhood home. From half a million dollar garden homes to $12 million mansions, The Dominion offers a variety of San Antonio luxury housing stock within its gates.

7. Waterford Heights

•Average price: $1,380,012 •Average price per square foot: $258.01 •15 homes listed for $1million+ in 2016

A newer luxury home community in San Antonio, Waterford Heights is tucked away within The Heights at Stone Oak. Located on the far north side of the city, the Stone Oak area is not only one of the most popular areas, it is also one of the fastest growing areas. Though many are flocking to this highly coveted spot, only a handful are able to live in The Heights of Stone Oak and even fewer are privileged enough to live in Waterford Heights. A small community, every home is priced at just near or over $1 million and is required by the HOA to be no less than 4,500 square feet. These magnificent custom estate homes, all built on one to one and a half acre lots, offer the pinnacle of luxury. Aside from having sprawling custom homes as your neighbors, the neighborhood offers security that puts its luxury homeowners at ease. The Heights at Stone Oak is gated and guarded, however, once inside that community another gate and guard protect Waterford Heights. Residents of the community also have access to a playground, tennis courts, a soccer field, a sand volleyball court and a sports court.

6. Bentley Manor

•Average price: $690,595 •Average price per square foot: $209.69 •3 Homes sold for $1million+ in 2016

A premier neighborhood within the esteemed San Antonio community of Shavano Park, Bentley Manor is located in northwest Bexar County, approximately 12 miles north of downtown San Antonio. With only upscale luxury homes in this ultra-private community, close access to major employers, and convenience to the South Texas Medical Center, the community has become a favorite of executives and medical care professionals. 

The gated, guarded community features a distinctive array of varying types of architecture and designs and includes single-family homes, garden homes, and estate homes- all considered luxury properties. With several of the homes being former Parade of Homes properties, many homes include upscale details such as designer kitchens, luxury master baths, extensive use of fine stones, finish mouldings throughout the home, custom windows, audio and security systems, lavish landscaping, and many other amenities.

5. Anaqua Springs Ranch

•Average price: $1,246,667 •Average price per square foot: $210.92 •4 Homes sold for $1million+ in 2016

A premier 920-acre estate lot development located northwest of San Antonio, this master planned, gated community is known for both its expansive estates and the breathtaking beauty of the Hill Country that surrounds it. Environmentally protected, this award-winning community sits in a unique contrast of rugged limestone bluffs and lush wooded ravines that wind along the waterfalls and springs of Leon Creek. Within the community, state of the art technology and premium amenities combine with some of the most awe-inspiring views atop the highest hilltops in Bexar County.

Both Gated and guarded, Anaqua Springs Ranch provides a serene and private retreat for residents to relish in its beauty, while acres of private parks and miles of scenic walking trails offers an exclusive way to get outdoors.

Architecturally restricted, the homes in the neighborhood are built in a “Euro-Texan” style which aims for a balance between modernity and the old world charm. Built with native limestone and other rocks that are constructed using a stacking method, homes must be built by one of the several approved builders for the neighborhood. Filled with these gorgeous custom homes, complemented by large home sites, the properties in Anaqua Springs are nestled into a breathtaking landscape that constructs a visual masterpiece like no other.

4. Alamo Heights

•Average price: $549,951 •Average price per square foot: $225.87 •7 Homes sold for $1million+ in 2016

A long time record of being known as one of San Antonio’s most upscale neighborhoods, Alamo Heights is recognized as an affluent community throughout the area. Made up of a variety of housing from modest post-war craftsman styles to elegant Mediterranean style estates, homes in Alamo Heights easily sell for over $100 more per square foot than the rest of the city. In fact, in this community, you’d be hard-pressed to find a home that offers over 1,000 square feet for less than $200,000.

In addition to having a fabulous school district, Alamo Heights contains a community garden, rotary club, Little League, dog park, and member’s only pool. Additionally, residents of Alamo Heights enjoy both The Quarry Golf Club and the Ft. Sam Houston Golf Club, along with The Quarry shopping center, all located within the community.

3. Terrell Hills

•Average price: $646,830 •Average price per square foot: $216.78 •12 Homes sold for $1million+ in 2016

Amongst a handful of iconic neighborhoods of central San Antonio lies the upscale community of Terrell Hills. Just five miles northwest of downtown, this historically exclusive community boasts an urban setting, minutes from the best restaurants, schools, and attractions. Those benefits, along with the close-knit atmosphere and feeling of history that resonates through the streets, gives the area its draw.

While the community in its entirety doesn’t boast of guarded gates and modern marvels as many exclusive neighborhoods do, its exclusivity is deep rooted in its history. In fact, since the very first household was established in the early 20th century, many local and national celebrities, along with important businesspersons have at one time called Terrell Hills home. Among them more recently, Academy Award-winning actors, professional basketball stars, and many a CEO are only some this community’s most famous residents. And while the entire community doesn’t boast of that one singular guarded gate protecting all residents, you had better believe that many of the homes in Terrell Hills have gates surrounding the sprawling estates that make up this incorporated city.

2. Olmos Park

•Average price: $516,811 •Average price per square foot: $214.16 •3 homes sold for $1million+ in 2016

Another historically highly affluent neighborhood, Olmos Park is noted for its large Mediterranean style homes and tree-lined streets, giving it a secluded, park-like feel. Located near the core of San Antonio, only 4 miles north of downtown, the community shares in its exclusivity with two other neighborhoods on our list: Alamo Heights and Terrell Hills. Together, these communities make up the Tri-Cities area, all with access to the Alamo Heights School District, premier golf courses, and a variety of posh shopping and dining options.

Developed in the late 1920's as an exclusive suburb of San Antonio, this now incorporated city has been named the second wealthiest area of the Alamo City.

Long known for its title of being one of San Antonio’s most upscale neighborhoods, Olmos Park is also known for its beauty. With its mature trees canopying the streets coupled with the stately and timeless estates dotted throughout the community, it’s not hard to understand why. But it’s not just the beauty of the homes and the nature that have given this community its status. Within the area are several high-end boutiques and restaurants that represent some of San Antonio’s most upscale venues, something that is not overlooked by Olmos Park residents.

1. Cordillera Ranch

•Average price: $1,090,028 •Average price per square foot: $230.80 •13 Homes sold for $1million+ in 2016

A luxury, master-planned community, Cordillera Ranch offers resort-style living on 8,700 acres of unsurpassed Texas Hill Country splendor. Carved out by time and the crystal clear spring waters of the Guadalupe River, this community was specifically designed to strike a balance with the ancient rolling hills that characterize the area.

Known for their amazing views, homes in Cordillera Ranch look out upon the crystal clear Guadalupe River as it meanders through the limestone valleys carved centuries ago. As with Anaqua Springs, homes in the community are built by one of four renowned San Antonio custom home builders.

In addition to the gorgeous homes and spacious lots the neighborhood presents, there is an abundance of onsite amenities, including a world-class Golf Club that is ranked 5th in Texas and 1st in the Austin and San Antonio area. Much like a resort, the neighborhood also maintains a spa and fitness facility, a tennis and swim club, and a rod and gun club. Moreover, the neighborhood offers a variety of recreational activities and clubs including an equestrian club providing both English and Western-style riding, canoeing, and kayaking down the Guadalupe River, supervised skeet shooting, and private fishing outings.

As one of the San Antonio area’s most expensive neighborhoods, houses start in the mid $500,000's and proceed upward well into the millions of dollars.

Pre-approval:An assessment given by the lender that investigates the borrower

Mortgage:A contract that represents the debt owed by the borrower to the lender for the money borrowed to purchase a property.

majority:The age of which a person transitions from a minor to an age where he can represent himself and handle his own affairs.

acre:The unit of land area that measures approximately 43,560 square feet.

access:The right to enter a land through public route; also may include entering the land from another private land.