Cultural Corridor Spotlight: The San Antonio Zoo

So you’ve heard the hype about San Antonio’s “Cultural Corridor” (perched just above Downtown)...but just what is it about this central creative hub that has everyone raving?

From stunningly curated museums to San Antonio’s favorite new jazz club, the Cultural Corridor’s “A-team” is about as diverse as the city itself.

Case and point: the San Antonio Zoo.

Image Courtesy of the San Antonio Zoo’s Facebook Page.

Far from an ordinary parcel of San Antonio land, the San Antonio Zoo has occupied a place in the heart of Brackenridge Park for over a century, capturing the minds and imaginations of residents and tourists since 1914.

Considered by some to be one of San Antonio’s hidden gems (and consistently ranked as one of the best zoos in the country), this 50+ acre zoo is home to literally 9,000 animals of 750 species and always seems to have creative, interactive tours and exhibits (from Zoorassic Park to Big Cat Valley to a particularly whimsy butterfly garden).

Image Courtesy of the San Antonio Zoo’s Facebook Page.

A Place to Play

Named one of the “Top 10 Zoo for Kids” by Parent Magazine in 2016, the San Antonio Zoo is far from “just a place to stare at animals from a safe distance.” The zoo’s myriad of creative exhibits (both in the Children’s Zoo and beyond) invite everyone to “get their hands dirty” and interact with the zoo’s impressive offerings. (One of our favorites is the "Round-the-World Voyage of Discovery" exhibit.)

And the fun doesn’t stop at zoo visits. Beyond regular hours, events like Zoo Lights (a holiday attraction), Zoo Boo (Halloween), and Zoo La La (a creatively themed foodie event) draw in starry-eyed crowds looking for a unique night of San Antonio culture. Additionally, the Zoo offers camps, overnight stays, and even international trips! According to the Zoo’s CEO Time Morrow: “There’s always something happening at the zoo, almost 24 hours a day, year-round,” a trend that is set to continue with new upcoming expansions and initiatives.

Image Courtesy of the San Antonio Zoo’s Facebook PagePictured: an expedition to Peru showcasing the Zoo’s conservation work in the Amazon!

A Beacon of Education

However, beyond providing an enjoyable once-in-a-while escape from the concrete jungle, the San Antonio Zoo also seeks to provide an important level of education for the surrounding community. “We’re a mission-driven organization,” explained Morrow, “so first and foremost we are focused on conservation and education. We have a zoo school (the largest nature-based preschool in the nation) with over 220 students...we really want to educate everyone on the animals in our care, the environment, and then the plight of those animals and the environment out in the wild.”

Image Courtesy of the San Antonio Zoo’s Facebook Page.

A Community Staple

An integral part of the Cultural Corridor, the Zoo’s mission goes beyond even its most enjoyable experiences: the nonprofit’s ultimate aim is to create a place where a strong sense of community is forged and fostered. “[The Zoo] really gives our guests an opportunity to connect with nature, and also connect with their families...spending time together here at their zoo connecting with nature and creating lifelong memories.” From becoming a zoo member to joining the “Zoomers” (a “young-at-heart professionals” volunteer group), San Antonio residents have plenty of opportunities to join this “wildly” unique community.

Pictured clockwise from top left: 150 Lynwood Ave, 141 Fair Oaks Pl, 312 Blue Bonnet Blvd, 2 08 Belvidere Dr

The Zoo’s Hood

So where exactly do all these exotic animals take up residence? Located in the heart of Central San Antonio, San Antonio’s Brackenridge Park is bordered by several historic local neighborhoods that hold nearly as much charm (and foliage) as the Zoo itself. Neighborhoods like Olmos Park, Monte Vista, Alamo Heights, and Terrell Hills are united by one-of-a-kind homes, walkable streets and sidewalks, friendly communities, and plenty of local businesses that cater to the Cultural Corridor’s high standards.

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