9 Facts About San Antonio Homes for Sale That Will Impress Your Friends

Do you know your real estate trivia? Check out these crazy facts about homes for sale in San Antonio! 

Curious about the San Antonio real estate market? These facts may surprise you! Brush up on your area trivia and learn a few facts that may impress your friends... 

735 E Guenther: $1,150,000

1. Some of the homes for sale in San Antonio (right now) date back over 100 years.

While San Antonio may have plenty of up-and-coming neighborhoods, a few of our favorite communities are charming historic districts with homes dating back to the early 1900s (or even earlier!). From Tobin Hill to King William to Monte Vista, these nostalgic locales are packed with stunning one-of-a-kind homes that have been updated to reflect modern conveniences. Take 735 E Guenther as an example: built in 1905 in the King William district, this adorable bungalow features...

8454 Meadow Plains: $257,000

2. The average price of a home in San Antonio is $257,855. 

According to the most recent report from the San Antonio Board of Realtors, San Antonio's average house is priced at $257,855. Compared to the state average ($281,717), homes in San Antonio are pretty dang affordable! But just what comes with this price tag? Priced right at $257k, 8454 Meadow Plains (pictured above) is the perfect example: a two-story home in Remuda Ranch with an open floor plan (5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms), granite counter tops, and a spacious backyard with a covered patio. 

3. There are over 10,000 homes for sale in San Antonio right now.

As one of the top ten biggest cities in America, it’s no surprise that there are a ton of homes on the market...10,180 to be exact! From starter homes to sprawling mansions, the city is stocked with plenty of variety. 

1891 8 De Enclave: $1.7 Million 

4. This is what you can get for the price of an average home in San Francisco...

This summer, San Fransisco saw record spikes in local housing prices: sending the average home price in the city to a whopping $1.62 million. While San Fransiscans will find standard 2,500 square foot condos and homes for this jaw-dropping price tag, San Antonio buyers with this budget are privy to estates like 18918 De Enclave (priced at $1.7 Million). 

5. The most expensive home for sale (within San Antonio city limits) is $5.2 Million.

Luxury real estate in San Antonio is not messing around, y'all. Neighborhoods like Bentley Manor and Shavano Park (to name just a few...) offer stunning properties with jaw-dropping design and gorgeous Hill Country views. Within San Antonio city limits, the most expensive home currently on the market is listed at a whopping $5,250,000 in The Dominion neighborhood.

6. The biggest home on the market right now is 11,500 square feet.

What would you do with 11,500 square feet? We're pretty sure it should involve cartwheels. Though most homes on the market are somewhere between 2,000 and 5,000 square feet, some exceptions (like 3335 Single Peak) just keep going on...and on...and on. 

5911 Cecilyann: $324,699 (Alamo Ranch)

7. The most popular neighborhood in San Antonio is Alamo Ranch.

Located on the far west side of Loop 1604, Alamo Ranch has quickly earned a name for itself as the fastest growing master-planned community in San Antonio. Located on the northwest edge of the city, Alamo Ranch essentially functions as a small piece of the Texas Hill Country within the San Antonio city limits (with easy access to shopping and Sea World, of course). This community has quickly earned a reputation for its beautiful landscaping, Olympic-sized pool, and affordable homes.

1623 Winding View: $595,000

8. 9% of San Antonio homes on the market boast pools.

With an average of only eight days a year of sub-freezing temperatures (and over 100 days of 90+ temperatures), it makes sense to own a pool in San Antonio. After all, when summer lasts from March until November, it just makes sense to have a private, sparkling pool ( like the one pictured above!)

9. 115 of the homes on the market are farm and ranch homes with over 20 acres of land.

Just saying the word “Texas” conjures images of cowboy hats and it’s only natural that San Antonio and the surrounding areas have quite the selection of ranches for sale! Featuring rolling hills, rustic barns, and expansive acreage, these properties are pieces of classic Texas paradise. Case and point:  0 FM 1681 (located southeast of San Antonio city limits) features nearly 30 acres of Hill Country land.

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Note: This blog was originally published in 2015 and has been updated to reflect current market stats. 

Pre-approval:An assessment given by the lender that investigates the borrower

Mortgage:A contract that represents the debt owed by the borrower to the lender for the money borrowed to purchase a property.

listing:A formal written contract that allows an agent to represent a party in the selling, leasing, or buying of a property.

landmark:A very observable and obvious land formation that is used as a reference point for the boundaries of lands.

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