What’s Your Type? Finding Your Perfect SA Home Match

Making the decision to move can be difficult...but finding a new place to call “home” can be even harder. And while big cities like San Antonio provide plenty of options, the sheer number of possibilities can be staggering.  Do you want the charm of a vintage home, the crisp newness of a new construction home, or are you just wanting to rent something for a while longer?  

Thankfully, we’re here to help you narrow down the options. Which type of property should we set you up with?

(We're swooning over 14302 Circle A Trail in Helotes, TX) 

Something New

Pros: The benefits of a new home are obvious! For most people, a new home means fewer fixes and less work. As a homeowner, you won’t be responsible for nearly as many “DIY” projects or renovations. Many people also gravitate toward new homes or apartments because they feel fresh, feature current and updated appliances, and offer open floor plans.

Cons: The main drawback of a new home can often be a higher price tag. In other words, you may end up paying top dollar for the niceties mentioned above. New appliances, granite countertops, and open concept floor plans may show themselves in your monthly rent or mortgage price. The other con may be that you find a “cookie cutter” house. Many new neighborhoods and master planned communities offer a limited selection of floorplans and home models. If you want a unique home, new may not be the best choice for you or your family.

3023 Hanfro Way was built in 2011 and offers many features of a new home. 

Something Old

Pros: Older homes and apartments can hold a certain charm and uniqueness. Depending on your style and price point, you’ll find features like quirky built-ins, beautiful crown molding, and rich hardwood floors. In San Antonio, many of the older homes are located in trendy areas like Southtown or Alamo Heights, very close to exciting activities and delicious restaurants. Some are drawn to old homes for the creative possibilities and the chance to remodel and restore.

Cons: Naturally, an older home may come with more work. Some homes require revisions and areas of remodeling. For some, this task can be intimidating and expensive. Additionally, older appliances and features are more likely to malfunction. In addition, small spaces and awkward floor plans force some people to turn away from an old home and look at something a little more current.

Built in 1977, 1322 Aylsbury St could easily be transformed into a modern masterpiece!

Something Rented

Pros: If you aren’t quite ready to buy, San Antonio offers plenty of renting options. Many rental properties feature top-notch amenities and great homes in solid locations. Besides a few initial fees, renting requires very little upfront payment (unlike a mortgage). Renting may allow you to save until you are ready to buy, all while providing you with a home or apartment that you can comfortably live in and decorate as your own.

Cons: While you may not have as much of an upfront cost, rent money can be considered “money wasted.” Many renters do not rent to buy and find themselves handing over a monthly payment that is just shy (if not more than) a mortgage payment! If your rent is almost the same as a mortgage, it’s worth a second look. If at all possible, we recommend that you buy! But if you do rent, be sure and find a place that works for you financially and allows you to continue to save for a place to buy.

Something All Your Own

If you’re interested in buying a home, you’re in luck! We have plenty of resources for San Antonio home buyers. From our free Buyer’s Guide to a comprehensive list of San Antonio neighborhoods to our top 5 picks for first-time buyers, our aim is to keep you in the loop. Contact us to find a REALTOR®, connect with lenders, and far more. We’d love to be your guide!

This gorgeous home (6006 Cielo Ranch ) home has four bedrooms and two bathrooms and is ready to be yours!

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