Transportation 101 For Homebuyers Moving to San Antonio

If you’re moving to San Antonio from another major city (or even a small town), you may be wondering what the transportation scene looks like in the Alamo City. San Antonio spreads far and wide, literally covering quite a lot of ground. To get from one end of the city to the other, most people rely on personal vehicles. 

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However, when traveling within your own neighborhood or area, chances are you have multiple options when it comes to public transportation. Whether you’re looking to save money, get rid of your vehicle, or reduce your carbon footprint, we’ve put together a few alternate transportation options for you to check out.

1. Hop On The VIA Metropolitan Transit

Without a doubt, San Antonio’s bus system is the most popular network of public transportation in the city. More prominent in the central and downtown areas, the VIA Metropolitan Transit system offers stations set up across the city. The buses run on a very regular schedule, and rates average about $1.30 for a full bus ride. What a deal! Special rates are also offered to veterans and retirees. The bus system is a cheap option that helps you to avoid driving your own car (and finding parking!). This option has the potential to save you a good deal of money in the long run. Plan your trip with their interactive transit plan here. Our biggest piece of advice? Always carry some spare change and make sure to look ahead at the different routes you’ll need to travel.

2. Grab a Private Ride with Uber

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As the transportation phenomenon that has swept through the nation in recent years, Uber has a strong San Antonio presence. If you haven’t heard of the mobile app, it essentially functions as a cab company, except instead of full-time taxi drivers hired by a centralized company, licensed local drivers use their own vehicle as needed. The app allows you to plug in an address and contact a nearby driver within minutes. We recommend verifying the license plate on the car with the license plate on the app, just to ensure you’ve found the correct driver.

While Uber may be on the pricey side sometimes, it can be worth the fees. Ubers are available on-demand when you need them. Just be sure you’re aware of spiked prices based on traffic and local events. Uber makes it very easy to get from one place to another!

Bonus tip: Uber offers different levels, with Uber Black being the most luxurious.

3. Take Off at The San Antonio International Airport

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If you’re looking to go further than the city, the SA International Airport offers hundreds of flight options every day. The airport is on the smaller side, which means it’s incredibly easy to navigate and holds less of a crowd. As an international airport, the SAIA offers hundreds of direct flights to Mexico, Central America, and beyond...every single day! If you’re looking for a quick domestic flight, take a look at this deal: the airport offers a flight from San Antonio to Dallas that only takes about 40, as opposed to the five hours it’ll take on I-35. Don’t think that you need to drive all the way to Austin just to catch a flight!

4. Cruise Around In a River Taxi

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The San Antonio River Walk is a classic destination for tourists and citizens alike. Lined with shops, hotels, and delicious restaurants, most people choose to walk the banks of the River Walk; however, you another fun option is to travel down the river with a River Taxi! This novel mode of transportation guarantees that you’ll see all of the major sites (and glean some San Antonio trivia from your driver). With 39 stops, the taxi ensures that you can easily hop on or off to beat the crowded streets of the River Walk and avoid the chaos. The tour guides are lively, energetic, and full of interesting facts about the area. You can’t call yourself a true San Antonio citizen unless you’ve spent time on one of the river taxis.

5. See the Sights on the VIVA

VIVA is a branch springing from the VIA Metropolitan Transit. Instead of taking you all over the city, VIVA focuses its travel radius to the most-visited places in San Antonio, including the Missions, historic landmarks, and even popular dining establishments. And VIVA isn’t just limited to the downtown area—you can get head all the way to Sea World or Fiesta Texas. The VIVA is perfect for tourists who want to experience all of the major places in the city in one or two days. Hit all of the popular spots and attractions in San Antonio with a day pass for just $2.75. You’ll get unlimited rides to all of the big spots you won’t want to miss!

6. Find a Classic Yellow Taxi

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Just like every other major city, San Antonio has a traditional taxi system that can take you anywhere. San Antonio Taxis has recently updated their website to allow instant pre-payment (or select cash if that is your choice). You can also choose the size of the cab that you’d like to request, the number of passengers, and the estimated time you’ll be riding. The taxi system is reliable and safe and can be especially helpful if you’re from out of town (since taxi drivers usually know the shortcuts and ways to avoid traffic). Skip the rental and hire a classic cab! 

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