How to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter in San Antonio

Although the chance of snow on your San Antonio lawn is quite low, there are still cooler conditions that will arrive come winter. Moreover, even though winter is not technically the prime growing season for your lawn, there are still plenty of things to do to prepare your yard for winter. Check out these tips on to make your listing stand out in the San Antonio area.

Apply Fertilizer

Adding a layer of fertilizer to any lawn will help provide an energy source that will encourage healthy growth. Consider choosing a quick release fertilizer that will green up any grass that is beginning to go dormant. Make sure to follow directions when applying any fertilizer as too much spread in one area can create brown patches that will become eyesores to any prospective buyer. Using a slow release fertilizer a few weeks later will help ensure that the lawn bounces back once spring arrives as well.

Consider Aerating

It may seem counterintuitive to cut holes in the lawn but doing so can help produce a healthy and robust lawn in the future. Aerating allows essential nutrients, like the sun, water, and oxygen, to penetrate deep down into the underlying root system. Most homeowners choose to aerate with a rented machine that produces cylinders of soil lying on the lawn. However, to keep the lawn looking great, consider picking manual options of aeration with specially designed spiked shoes or with a shovel.

Mulch Fallen Leaves

Raking up the fallen leaves on your lawn is an essential part of keeping your home ready for a showing. However, consider mulching those leaves into your lawn by using natural forms of energy. Rent a leaf mulcher, or merely mow over leaves on a high setting, to cut the leaves into smaller pieces. Mulching the leaves will help the leaves break down quickly into the soil making the lawn healthy all winter long.

Cover Bare Spots

Do a quick inventory of your lawn to check for any thinning or bare spots that could be a sign of disease. These areas are notorious for becoming weedy due to the lack of lawn coverage. Consider seeding those areas with new grass seed to promote healthy lawn growth. Spread seeds and water daily to encourage new seedlings to sprout and take hold within the lawn. Doing so can help create a more uniform look to the yard as well as keep weeds away.

Continue Watering

Given San Antonio’s southern location, many lawns in the area dry out during the winter due to a lack of moisture. Make sure that your lawn is in top condition by continuing to water once or twice a week. This addition of moisture will help in keeping the grass lush and vibrant instead of becoming brittle or bland looking. Watering the day before a showing is also a good idea to keep the lawn well maintained for prospective buyers.

Control Weeds

Winter is the prime time for weeds to grow in the area due to the mild temperatures and declining grass growth. Control weeds with a weed control fertilizer that will help deter weeds from popping up in the yard. Pull large weeds that have gone unnoticed to keep the lawn free from pesky eyesores that could deter potential buyers as well.

Preparing your lawn for winter in the San Antonio area is essential in maintaining a healthy and robust yard. Keeping your lawn looking great will add curb appeal to your home and encourage potential buyers to imagine themselves enjoying the yard as well. Consider all of these tips when preparing your San Antonio lawn for winter this year.

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