Dogs in the City: A Canine’s Guide to SA

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“If dog is man’s best friend, but man can’t eat chips-and-guac on a River Walk patio with his best he really living life to the fullest?”

I forget which Chinese philosopher asserted this important question (insert eye roll here), but he makes an important point about our loyal, fluffy friends: they really do make everything better. Big or small, Doberman or Chihuahua, our dogs are a huge part of our lives, and constantly leaving them at home can feel like a daily heartbreak.

Thankfully, as more and more Texas cities value “dog-friendly” policies, your day out on the town can be enjoyed with your pup! So instead of leaving your canine best friend to howl at your tragic absence, check out these San Antonio spots that you both can enjoy.

Specialty Stores

These establishments carry treats, supplies, and services geared towards your dog!

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Fifi & Fidos Pet Boutique

Located in Central San Antonio, Fifi & Fido’s Pet Boutique lives up to its upscale name. The Boutique was ultimately created to help your pets live a healthy life to its fullest potential! They operate under the belief that proper care and food is key to a healthy canine lifestyle. (Plus, they carry those teeny dog sweaters you’ve been swooning over.)

Kriser's Natural Pet

Arguably the “Whole Foods” of the San Antonio pet world, Kriser’s is an all-natural pet food company that blossomed out of (where else?) Boulder, CO. Though they specialize in food, this Natural Pet store also offers toys, accessories, and grooming services. The San Antonio branch is located in North San Antonio!

Pawsitively Sweet Bakery

A specialty pet bakery with a serious Farmers Market booth, Pawsitively Sweet Bakery offers all-natural treats made from locally-sourced, top-notch ingredients! You won’t have to worry about what you’re feeding your pup: Pawsitively bakes without preservatives, cornmeal, fillers or sugar.

Woof Gang Bakery

With over 80 locations across the country, Woof Gang Bakery is a leading specialty retailer of pet food, pet-related supplies, and pet grooming. In fact, in 2016, Woof Gang Bakery received the Retailer of the Year Franchise Award from Pet Product News! The San Antonio location is a local favorite for pet owners.

Good Eats

Dine with your dog! These spots have pet-friendly patios and policies.

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Ocho at Hotel Havana

On the north stretch of the San Antonio Riverwalk, Hotel Havana is a lush solace for guests and their dogs! With a fabulous pet policy (only $25 per pet, available to all rooms) and Ocho’s relaxed patio seating, you can enjoy tapas and drinks without having to leave your dog at home (or in the room).

The Hoppy Monk

Holy Chihuahua! With an impressive selection of beers on tap, The Hoppy Monk is a chill spot in North San Antonio with an expansive patio area and pet-friendly vibes.

The Friendly Spot

True to its name, The Friendly Spot doesn’t just allow dogs, it welcomes them. Famous for its pet-friendly (and kid-friendly) attitude, this Southtown gem somehow manages to be both “hip” and approachable. The Spot offers hundreds of bottle and can brews (and over 70 taps), along with wine cocktails, good eats, and more. Open till midnight, every night!

Freetail Brewing Co.

A San Antonio original, Freetail Brewing Co is a fresh, innovative company with a “no-bull” (but “pro-dog”) attitude: “We don’t make the claim of being the hoppiest, funkiest, strongest or “anything-est” brewery… but we do pride ourselves on making great beer backed an open, honest and transparent business philosophy.” Enjoy craft beer and handmade food on Freetail’s taproom porch with your pup.

La Tuna Grill

Serving up a fusion of Tex-Mex, Seafood, Cajun, and American classic dishes, La Tuna Grill is a famous staple in the Southtown neighborhood. House specialties include anything from the Country Chicken Fried Steak to Roasted Lamb Sandwich to Blackened Fish Tacos! Enjoy Southtown’s artsy vibes on the pet-friendly outdoor seating in the biergarten.

Madhatters Tea House & Cafe

If you want to start your day with a cup of coffee or a midmorning snack, we recommend venturing into Madhatter’s Tea House & Cafe! Located near the south end of the River Walk, this local dig is a quirky place to enjoy tea, coffee, baked goods, and a unique atmosphere. Featured in publications like the New York Times and Texas Monthly, Madhatter’s has won awards ranging from Best Brunch to Best Healthy Dining to Best Dessert! Anyone can find something to enjoy in this downtown San Antonio spot...including your furry friend, always allowed in the outdoor lounge.

Landry's Seafood House

Fish may be the emphasized wildlife at Landry’s Seafood House, but your dog will fit right in! Dog-friendly outdoor seating ensures that every pet owner can enjoy Landry’s delicious food, extensive drink menu, and classic River Walk vibes.


Striking a unique balance between a coffee shop and nightlife hotspot, Halcyon Coffee Bar is a haven for both early birds and night owls in the Southtown area. Offering an array of specialty coffee, cocktails, beer, wine, and appetizers (including tableside s’mores), Halcyon is open 7 days a week! The large outdoor porch is perfect for you and your (leashed) pup.

The Cove

We may have saved the best for last...while many of the above establishments offer pet-friendly porches and outdoor seating, none of them welcome in dogs quite as much as The Cove! The Cove’s very own dog park allows you to enjoy your tacos, beer, and live music while your pet enjoys wide-open space and new friends. Let them off the leash!

Dog Parks

A complete list of map of San Antonio’ s dog parks can be found here, but below are a few of our favorites.

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Phil Hardberger Park

Rather than be conventional, Phil Hardberger “Park” is actually two dog parks in North San Antonio: one for small dogs, and one for big dogs. This strategic planning (plus generous acreage) means the park remains peaceful and uncrowded. Plus, the obstacle courses and two-story doghouse allow for some seriously cute photo ops.

McAllister Dog Park

With an agility course, tennis balls, tunnels, a doggie fountain, and more, this dog park is a pet-owner’s dream! Besides these pet-specific features, McAllister Park itself features almost a thousand wooded acres, 15 miles of trails, four pavilions, almost 200 picnic units, six multi-purpose fields, and way more in North San Antonio.

Tom Slick Dog Park

Perfect for those hot, hazy South Texas summer days, Tom Slick lets you cool off with plenty of shady areas AND a kiddie pool (complete with doggie showers for post-swim cleanup). Located in West San Antonio.

Madison Square Dog Park

This park may be small (less than an acre), but therein lies its urban charm. A tiny pup-friendly oasis in the middle of downtown, Madison Square Dog Park is a little piece of the Hill Country for those city dogs.

Wide Open Space

Where better to hang with your dog than the great outdoors? These trails and open spaces were made for unfettered play.

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Government Canyon State Natural Area

On the outer West side of San Antonio, Government Canyon State Natural Area offers nearly 7 miles of hiking trails. For ambitious pet-owners, Lyttle’s Loop (4.74 miles) is a less-populated trail that winds through plenty of varied terrain.

Medina River Natural Area

A gem on the Southside of San Antonio, Medina River Natural Area traces the Medina River, surrounded by 500 acres of natural space. The park offers over six miles of hiking and walking trails, both natural and paved.

Eisenhower Park

The fitness buffs among us will enjoy the challenge of Eisenhower Park, located on the north side of San Antonio (adjacent to the entrance of Camp Bullis). Though the park only offers about 6 miles of trails, you can climb the 215 feet elevation gain if you head to the observation tower. The park is well-populated, so your dog will likely make a friend or two along the way.

Ready to explore San Antonio with your pup? We’d love to show you around! Whether you’re new to the area or just looking to relocate, let us give you the insider details. Download our exclusive Buyer’s Guide here, and contact an agent today to get started! 

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