5 More Adorable Homes That Prove Why We’re Obsessed With The Tiny House Movement

In case you missed our first go around (5 Big Reasons The Tiny House Movement Is On The Rise), here’s the scoop: the Tiny House Movement is a seriously adorable effort to return to a simpler way of living. As an inspired, intentional, and admittedly adorable form of extreme downsizing, the movement essentially asks its participants to simplify their living space to less than 400 square feet...with some squeezing in as little as 70! Owners have listed simplicity, decreased maintenance, mobility, and low cost as just a few reasons they love their tiny homes.

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And while the San Antonio area might not have many homes that strictly fit the “Tiny House” criteria, we found several small dwellings that seriously caught our eye. Here are a few of the Hill Country’s tiniest (and cutest) homes!

1419 Pebble Beach Rd: 834 sq ft

1 bed, 1 bath

$ 155,000

This adorable little cottage is a tiny take on a “lake house”. Both manageable and practical in size, this home can easily sleep 4-6 people: perfect for a weekend getaway or a simplified lifestyle!

412 W Evergreen St: 1,340 sq ft

3 bed, 1 bath

$ 179,900

Both tiny and trendy, this little gem is located in the highly coveted Tobin Hill neighborhood! Featuring new laminate floor and tile throughout the home, 412 W Evergreen also boasts a cozy fireplace and new kitchen cabinets!

4346 Desert View Dr: 968 sq ft

3 bed, 1 bath

$ 105,000

Simple, modest, and devastatingly cute, this cozy home features hardwood floors, large covered patio, large fenced yard, and more!

323 E Luckenbach Rd: 1344 sq ft


3 bed, 2 bath

Though the home is small, the property sure isn’t: located on two beautiful acres, this little German style rock home is in the heart of the Texas wine country! Still in immaculate condition, the private back covered patio is perfect for sitting, or enjoying the hot tub (you heard us right: hot tub). Fruit trees and a small beginning vineyard add to this little home’s appeal!

7158 River Road: 936 sq ft


2 bed, 2 bath

Small in stature, rich in views, this Guadalupe riverfront home is the talk of the town. The park-like lot features large Pecan and Sycamore trees and a gentle slope down to the waterfront. 

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