What To Do With Your Pets When Moving

Your pet may be your best friend and a member of your family; however, when it comes to moving, there are a few tips that you’ll want to keep in mind, especially if you’re putting on an open house event. Remember that not everyone is a dog lover or a cat fanatic. Just because you think your pet is well behaved doesn’t mean that a guest will share that same opinion. Selling your home can be an extensive process and the last thing you need is for Fido to be a reason someone turns away!

  • Put Them Away While the Home is Shown

It goes without saying that your furry friend should be out of sight if your Realtor is holding an open house or if your house is being shown in any way. A Realtor is may even suggest that your home appears to not have any pets! Keeping that in mind, even leaving the pets outside may not be an option- dogs may have a tendency to bark or scratch at the door.  If you know your pet will be a distraction anywhere on the property, see if you can get them a grooming appointment on that day or even have them stay with a friend. You want to ensure that your home is a distraction-free zone. Pets can certainly turn people away if they’re making a lot of noise or jumping all over guests; it's quite distracting!

  • Make the Home “Pet-Free”

Your home should be “pet-free” on the day that the home is being shown. That means no traces of the animal should be found anywhere. Spend time picking up their toys, making sure pet hair cannot be found on the floor or on furniture, and hiding a bed or kennel of any kind. You’ll definitely want to spend time cleaning in preparation. 

Often times, you may not be able to smell a pet, but guests can! Consider paying for a carpet cleaning service if your pet has had numerous accidents around the home. It’s also a great bonus to relay to perspective buyers that you’ve paid for this service in the last few weeks.

  • Doggie Day Care, If Necessary

If you’ve got the option to board for your pet or send to a pet day care, that may be a smart decision. Perhaps you’re anticipating a big weekend with two open houses scheduled or maybe you’re actually ready to load moving boxes into a truck. If you can send your pet to a day care or have them boarded, it may avoid some chaos and help your move or showings go smoother. You don’t want your dog or cat to run off if the door is constantly being opened and closed, and oftentimes pets become stressed during an unfamiliar situation like a move. Help keep them safe during this busy time, and help keep buyers sticking around to see the entire property!

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