Help! My San Antonio Home Isn’t Selling

It’s a crazy feeling when you finally put your home on the market. You've talked about it, thought about, and stressed about it, and whether you’re excited or remorseful you've done it. But when you’re home doesn’t sell quickly and doesn’t receive offers, it can be challenging and disheartening. There are a few tips for your home to sell and we recommend that you give these a try if you’ve been struggling with selling your San Antonio home.

1.  Invest In Your Home: Yes, it sounds crazy to put money into your current home if you’re trying to sell it. However, this tactic works and it works well. Buyers want a home that looks appealing and most people don’t want to pour money into a home right away. Simple updates like new paint, kitchen hardware, or some new plants in the front yard will make your home more appealing to those who are interested. By making it look like a “model home”, you’re ensuring that people will take you seriously and they’ll appreciate the aesthetic of your home.

2.  List Your Home Properly: You want to make sure that your home is listed properly on the right websites. It needs to be public knowledge and be easy to find when people are searching for homes in San Antonio. As Realtors, it is our job to make sure the property is listed on as many websites as possible.  As Keller Williams agents, we have the tools to get the property syndicated on the right websites for the San Antonio housing market.

3.  Bring Down the Price: If your home has been on the market for months, it may be time to think about reducing the price. This is a difficult thing to do as a seller and we recommend that you talk with a Realtor about the value of your home. You don’t want to just “give it away”; however, it’s important to have realistic expectations and recognize that it may not sell at the specific price you originally intended.

4.  Use Social Media: If you’re on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram, why not use it to your advantage? Post a great photo of your home and ask friends to share it or pass it on. Chances are, they know somebody looking to buy. If you start a chain reaction of people sharing the photo, you can find a buyer pretty easily. Make sure the photo that you post looks professional and appealing so that it will attract potential buyers!

5.  Try Renting: If you feel like you’ve tried everything and still aren’t having any luck, consider the option of renting your home for a while. People may be more attracted to the idea of a rental agreement, rather than a commitment to buying. You can still move out of the home, and you’ll receive monthly income from anyone who agrees to rent the property. It’s definitely a valid option if you are truly in a bind and need to move quickly.

Selling a home is tricky and can be trying at times. Don’t get disheartened if your home takes longer than you expected to sell. Remember that there is always a buyer out there and certain homes just take time to sell!

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