How to Immediately Scare a Buyer Away

If your San Antonio home isn’t selling and you aren’t sure why, it may be time to think about factors that could potentially scare a buyer away, pushing them in a different direction. There are certain features and reasons that a potential buyer may run in the opposite direction of your house. If your home is on the market, it’s a great idea to consider the following factors as you attempt to sell your home.

1.  An Overpriced home: This is probably the number one factor that forces buyers to look elsewhere. If your home is way over their budget, or simply overpriced for the market, they aren’t going to consider it seriously. We suggest getting a real estate agent who can help you figure out how much your home is worth. Take their advice and price it at what they suggest; that way, you are ensuring that you’ll attract serious buyers who will consider your home as an option for them.

2.  A Fixer Upper: Yes, there is a market for those who are looking to buy a genuine “fixer upper”; however, the average person wants a home that doesn’t look scary on the inside or outside. Make sure your home looks presentable. It doesn’t have to be move in ready, but it’s pretty easy to give the carpets a cleaning and dose out a fresh coat of paint. Small details or upgrades can go a long way in the selling process.

3.  Something Is Broken: If you’ve got a major component to your home that’s broken (like a broken AC unit, mold, a roof that needs repair, etc.), you run the risk of scaring buyers away. When people buy a home, they usually aren’t looking to fork over hundreds of dollars on maintenance right after they’ve given a down payment. Really consider any areas that need repairs and if you can, we recommend fixing them in order to make the home easier to sell.

4.  An Unstaged Home: Buyers absolutely love a  staged home. If you can make your home look like a model home, you’re immediately going to attract more potential buyers. Outdated furniture, clutter, and a poorly decorated home can cause some to turn the other way. Hide personal items, clean the house, organize, and make it look appealing overall. Buyers don’t always see “potential” and you want to ensure that you have your house set up right so that they can focus on its beauty.

5.  Minimal Curb Appeal: Take some time to focus on the outside of your home. After all, it is the first impression that your home will make. Mow the yard, plant some new flowers, and focus on how a buyer may see your home. When a buyer notices a well-kept yard and a beautiful home, they’re going to want to come inside. 

Above all, remember the goal: you are trying to sell your home! A few updates, tweaks, and maybe even investments are just a part of the process. 

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