Seller’s Time Line

You have made the decision to sell and have found a REALTOR to help you do it! Before your agent lists your home, they may recommend that you stage your home a bit, repair a few items, or freshen it up. This is so that your home will make a great first impression on any potential buyers.

1. Setting a price and listing the home

The next step in selling your home is to set the price. Your REALTOR will guide you through this process, and once it is set will take pictures and write a description of your home to put on the MLS system.

2. Marketing your home and showings

Once your home has been listed on the MLS system, your agent will begin to market the home and you will begin to get showings. Your home should always be available for potential buyers to see, even if it may be inconvenient for you.

3. Receiving an offer

When a buyer decides they want to buy your home they will make an offer that your agent will present to you. You can choose to accept it, counter it at a different price, or decline the offer.

4. Preparing for an inspection

When the offer has been agreed upon and accepted by both parties, the buyer will arrange for an inspection of your home. If the inspector finds any items that need to be addressed, the buyer can choose to negotiate this into the contract or can ask for them to be fixed before the sale of the home. Again, this is something that can be negotiated and needs to be agreed upon before progressing with the sale.

5. Appraisal

The buyer’s lender will schedule an appraiser to come out to the home and appraise the value. There is little for you to do. If the home appraises for the value of the sales price, there will be no further action. If it does not, both you and the buyer may need to negotiate the sales price further.

5. Closing

After all inspection items and appraisal are taken care of, the next step is to go to closing. At closing, you have very little to do. You will sign the title over to the buyer, hand over the keys, and thank your REALTOR for helping you get through a successful sale!

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