San Antonio, a “Top 10” city

Adored by both locals and transplants alike, San Antonio has an appeal that goes beyond the hearts of its residents. One of the fastest growing cities in the US, San Antonio has been capturing the attention, and hearts, of the media as well. Here is a look at the top 10 rankings San Antonio has landed on in the past few years.

Number 1

  • America’s 25 Best-Performing Cities for 2011 FORBES The Best Cities for Jobs Right Now FORBES Best Cities for Business 2013 FORBES Most romantic U.S. city The Best 
  • Places to Retire on $100 a Day THE HUFFINGTON POST Top 50 Military Friendly Cities TEXAS NEWS FEED Top Ten Areas for Women-Owned Firms 2013 WOMEN-OWNED BUSINESS REPORT 
  • The Most Recession-Proof City in America THE ATLANTIC Most Romantic Cities in the U.S. CULTUREMAP DALLAS 10 Best U.S. Cities to Retire In WALL STREET JOURNAL, MARKET WATCH 
  • Best City in Texas by Southern Living Magazine TEXAS MORTGAGE GROUP Best Cities in America For Small Firms NUWIRE INVESTOR

Number 2

  • Lowest Tax Rates in Texas SAN ANTONIO BUSINESS JOURNAL 
  • Highest Concentration of Data Centers in America PITCH ENGINE 
  • 14 Cities that Have More Jobs than Pre recession Level PPGBIO.NET 
  • Most patriotic city in the U.S. Kiplinger’s 8 Cities with Surprising Job Growth KIPLINGER 
  • Nerd Wallet: The 10 Best Cities for Small Business LATINO FOX NEWS

Number 3

  • Top 10 Cities with the Best Economies for Families PARENTING 
  • Top U.S. Cities for Data Centers PITCH ENGINE 
  • Top 10 Cities for Single Men CBS NEWS 
  • Friendliest city in the United States CONDE NAST TRAVELER

Number 4

  • Best City for Renters FORBES 
  • The Next Big Boom Town in the U.S. FORBES 
  • The 10 Cities with the Best Employee Engagement FORBES The Top 12 American Boomtowns BLOOMBERG 
  • Best Housing Markets for 2013 NBC NEWS 
  •’s List of Top Rental Markets BROKER LEAD 
  • Best U.S. Cities for Historical Sights and Monuments TRAVEL + LEISURE

Number 5

  • Best Places for Military Retirees SPERLIN’S BEST PLACES 
  • North America’s Fastest-Growing Cities FORBES 
  • Best Cities for Small Business ACCOUNTING WEB 
  • America’s Best Housing Markets for Investors FORBES 
  • Best Places for Military to Begin a Second Career USAA 
  • America’s Best Downtowns FORBES 
  • Top Cities of 2012 on REALTOR.COM 
  • Top 5 Cities in Employment HUMAN LIFE PROJECT 
  • Best Cities in America for Small Firms SAN ANTONIO BUSINESS JOURNAL

Number 6

  • The U.S. Cities Getting Smarter The Fastest FORBES 
  • America’s Most Affordable Cities XFINITY 
  • Best Cities for Good Jobs FORBES

Number 7

  • The Cities Winning the Battle for Information Jobs FORBES 
  • Most Diverse Cities in America CNBC 
  • 10 Best Cities for Retirees DAILY FINANCE 
  • Bike Friendly Communities BIKE FRIENDLY OAK CLIFF

Number 8

  • The Best Shopping Cities in the U.S. FORBES 
  • Best Places for Businesses and Careers FORBES 
  • 10 Best-Rested Cities BEST PLACES 
  • The Happiest Places for College Grads to Live In HUFFINGTON POST 
  • 9 U.S. Cities Where Jobs are Booming LEWROCKWELL 
  • Top 10 Destinations for Holiday Lights YAHOO TRAVEL

Number 9

  • Best U.S. city for drivers 
  • Happiest Cities for Work in 2012 CAREER BLISS 
  • The 10 Best Cities for Job Seekers FORBES 
  • Top 10 Cities to Buy vs. Rent TIME

Number 10

  • The Cities with the Happiest Young Professionals FORBES 
  • Best Cities for Foodies TRAVEL + LEISURE 
  • The Top U.S. Cities for new Home Construction THE ATLANTIC CITIES 
  • Top Domestic Destinations for Americans HOTEL PRICE INDEX 
  • Top 20 Happiest U.S. Cities for Young Professionals for 2012 CAREER BLISS 
  • Best Family Vacations in the USA US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT 
  • Top 25 Cities for Global Trade GLOBAL TRADE MAGAZINE

So there you have it! A city with a dynamic economy, employment opportunities and affordable living, San Antonio is a rising star- a thought that has always attracted its current residents to their beloved town.

mortgage:A contract that represents the debt owed by the borrower to the lender for the money borrowed to purchase a property.

broker:The intermediate party that looks to help transactions proceed by looking for sellers who are looking to sell and buyers who are looking to buy.

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