​Looking Past Sales Price When Buying a Home in San Antonio

It’s easy to fixate on the price point of a home; after all, you have a budget and you’re probably trying your best to stick to it. However, sometimes it’s important to dig a little deeper. 

Here are a few ways to look past the price tag and consider the true value of a home. 

Is it over budget? If the home is priced over your budget, ask yourself what the benefits are. Is it worth paying extra because of the amazing school district? Are you just down the road form the office? 

Can the seller be talked down? Sometimes, your real estate agent can negotiate the price! 

Is it under budget? Be careful that you aren’t getting yourself in too deep in a “fixer upper” project. DIY projects sound enticing, but it’s important to remember that you can shell out thousands of dollars trying to complete renovations on a house. This could eventually put you over budget, depending on the amount of work that’s needed. 

Are you settling? Are you picking the home just because you can afford it? Asking these questions beforehand could help you avoid purchasing a home that isn’t completely right for you and your needs.

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