Buying a Home in San Antonio: How to Choose the Most Important Features

The features that make up a home can easily have varying levels of importance for different home buyers. For some, a fantastic kitchen with a Viking stove is a necessity; others are more concerned about finding a big backyard for their dogs. Whatever your focus is, here's an easy way to help you figure out the features that are most important to you.

First, put together a wish list. This list should contain everything that you’d want in your dream home (realistically speaking). We’ve put a sample list below.

Once you’ve created the wish list, it’s time to decide which features are considered “non-negotiables.” Which features MUST the home have? Which features can you do without? Keep in mind that everything on the wish list cannot be transferred to a non-negotiable item! You must allow yourself some give and take in the process. We’ve included an example of a non-negotiable list here:

Use these lists as a guide, and don’t be afraid to hand a list to your real estate agent. A licensed San Antonio Realtor will be able take these wants and needs into account and use that knowledge to help you get what you want out of a home. 

Even if you're not really an "organized" person, we recommend trying to formulate some sort of list to provide guidance and clarity into the features that matter to you. Agents often see home buyers who don’t have any idea of their non-negotiable features (or they are vague in their requests). This minimal direction ultimately makes the buying process so much more difficult. 

Now you have some homework: make your lists, give them to your agent, and get ready to house hunt!

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