Transplant’s Guide to San Antonio:  Healthy Lifestyle Edition

First of all, we would like to congratulate you on moving to San Antonio! This city is incredibly diverse and unique, able to accommodate a variety of demographics, from families to singles to professionals, artists, and more. If you fall into the “healthy lifestyle” demographic, this blog post is just for you! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite establishments…from food to fitness.

Where are the best natural/organic grocery stores?

In the last several years, San Antonio has greatly expanded in this area of natural grocery stores! The city now offers several specialty organic food stores, both large and small. Here are a few of our top picks from around San Antonio.

-Central Market (4821 Broadway St)

Central Market is a self-described “amusement park for food lovers.” This supermarket, affiliated with local grocery giant, H-E-B, strives to provide fresh, high-quality food and service, including local produce.

-Whole Foods: (Vineyard Shopping Center/Alamo Quarry Market)

Whole Foods, an internationally renowned grocery store that carries a huge variety of natural and organic foods, has two locations in San Antonio.

-Trader Joe’s: (403 Texas 1604 Loop/ Quarry Village)

Trader Joe’s is often known as the health store on a budget. Trader Joe's orders food in bulk and therefore is able to sell high-quality organic/natural food at lower prices.

-Sprouts Farmers Market: (8101 Callaghan Rd/ 2502 Nacogdoches Rd/N 281)

“Sprouts” strives to give customers a holistic, healthy experience. Offering healthy options, fresh produce, and specialty foods, this regional grocery store is affordable and accessible

When and Where are the local farmers markets?

Are you looking for local produce and hand-made goods? Chances are you’ll love visiting one of the local farmers markets. There are so many to choose from! Even the Botanical Gardens hosts a weekly market. We’ve listed some local favorites below.

-Pearl Farmers Market (award winning)

When: Saturdays, 9am-1pm

Where: 312 Pearl Pkwy

Located in historic downtown San Antonio, the Pearl Farmers Market is definitely the pinnacle of local San Antonio farmers market gatherings, offering everything from chocolate to mushrooms!

-“The Yard” Farmers and Ranchers Market (award winning)

When: Sundays, 9am-1pm

Where: 5300 McCullough Ave

The Yard Farmers & Ranchers Market (formerly known as the Quarry Farmers & Ranchers Market) is the self-proclaimed “preferred market for the city’s true food lovers.” Since its beginning in 2011, this market has become a favorite in the city, offering local produce, live music, and a unique atmosphere.

-Olmos Basin

When: Tuesdays, 7:30am-1pm

Where: 100 Jackson Keller

Although this market is smaller than the previous two, it’s perfect for a quick middle-of-the week fix of fresh produce, flowers, and other seasonal goods.

-Leon Valley Community Center

When: Wednesdays, 8am-1pm

Where: 6427 Evers Rd, Leon Valley

On the Northwest side of the city, this small farmers market is perfect for a weekly visit. Stop by for quality local small-batch produce, conversation, and community involvement.

Where should I work out?

Different people like to work out in different ways. If you’re into jogging, CrossFit, yoga, or simply the classic elliptical machine, San Antonio has something to offer you. There are tons of fitness establishments, but we’ve found some front-runners.

-Lifetime Fitness (The Rim/281 North)

If you like the phrase “all-inclusive,” you’ll love Lifetime Fitness! This fitness center provides services for everything from personal training to nutrition. Whether you enjoy group fitness, weight training, yoga, or swimming, Lifetime has you covered! Plus, the facilities are beautiful and the equipment top-notch. The fitness lover will certainly be in heaven at Lifetime.

-The District (2424 Broadway St)

The District strives to be more of a community and lifestyle than a classic “gym.” This facility is certainly built for the adventurous! The District offers Circus Arts, Acro Yoga, rock climbing, CrossFit, and more. It’s sort of a sampling for all new, interesting trends in fitness. Their mission is to include anyone who desires to expand their skill set and capabilities.


CrossFit establishments strive to be a community of people looking to challenge their bodies and test their limits. San Antonio has many of these types of communities, but the following three CrossFit studios are favorites in the San Antonio area:

Mission CrossFit SA (8842 Broadway)

Blue Star CrossFit (4410 I-35 North)

CrossFit Mettle (4309 Golden Quail)

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-Fitness in the Park (Various Park Locations)

Do you love group fitness? What about FREE group fitness? If you answered, “Yes!” to those questions, you’ll be very interested in Fitness In the Park. Hosted by the San Antonio Parks and Recreation department, Fitness in the Park gets residents moving together in local natural areas. This program has been widely recognized for innovation. It has been incredibly successful getting local residents moving and interacting with each other and the area around them! For a list of classes, visit the city’s website.

-Yoga Studios:

Are you a self-proclaimed yogi or maybe just a beginner? Several San Antonio yoga studios provide classes where both the seasoned pro and the novice can hone their skills. Yoga is beneficial in increasing strength, flexibility, relaxation techniques, and overall wellness. The following studios are resident favorites:

Southtown Yoga Loft (724 S Alamo St)

The Union Yoga + Strength (11255 Huebner Rd)

What If I’m Gluten Free or Vegan?

If you’re gluten free or vegan, chances are you’ve noticed a lot of restaurants and food establishments making accommodations for you! Now that more and more places have gluten-free/vegan options, we’ve selected our favorites. The following list is invaluable information for a new gluten-free/vegan San Antonio resident!

-Cappy’s (5011 Broadway St)

Cappy’s is a favorite among gluten-free residents! This establishment offers an elegant atmosphere with excellent seafood, steaks, etc. Considered “American” cuisine, Cappy’s is a unique take on fine dining and fresh ingredients.

-Vegeria Vegan Restaurant (8407 Broadway)

If you’re vegan or gluten free, you’re probably craving Tex Mex by now! Thankfully, Vegeria specializes in vegan/gluten-free cuisine in this category. Surprisingly, this gem isn’t only healthy, but inexpensive. Even non-vegans will enjoy this local establishment.

-Cerroni’s Purple Garlic (1017 Austin Hwy)

Gluten-free residents usually are resigned to the fact that good pizza is a thing of the past. Thankfully, Cerroni’s is here to save the day! Famous for their gluten-free pizza (using Bob’s Red Mill flour), this restaurant delivers good food at good prices. They also offer gluten-free pasta!

-The Cove (606 W Cypress St)

The Cove is definitely a San Antonio local favorite. Known for delicious gluten-free burgers, this place is famous for its unique atmosphere. They regularly host local entertainment, providing live music, etc. on a regular basis. The Cove is also a Laundromat and car wash with picnic-style seating. Their menu is surprisingly healthy, including ethically raised meat, organic ingredients, etc. If you’re new to San Antonio, you need to check this place out!

- Little Aussie Bakery/Café (3610 Ave B)

Finally…though not the healthiest option, we can’t make this list without letting you in on the best gluten-free dessert fix! Little Aussie Bakery/Café is a hidden jewel in the San Antonio area, providing gluten-free cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pre-made bread and pizza dough, ready-made meals, and more! Sit down for a relaxed brunch or just grab a cookie…either one will leave you satisfied and wondering why you were complaining about the lack of gluten-free options.

If you’re a health nut, hopefully this guide will help you get your bearings in San Antonio! We hope you begin to feel more at home here…especially as you discover your new favorite fitness realm, grocery store, farmers market routine, etc. San Antonio has so much to offer you! 

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