Top Reasons to Live in the Alamo Heights Neighborhood

Alamo Heights is a premier neighborhood in central San Antonio, featuring great restaurants, top-rated public schools, close proximity to downtown, and countless other amenities. We’ve taken all these points into consideration and ranked them in order to come up with the top five reasons to live in Alamo Heights

#5: City Services 

Because Alamo Heights is a municipality, the city maintains its own police, fire, and sanitation departments. Additionally, the city runs its own government dedicated to the excellence of these city services. All this leads to feeling a sense of security and well being that residents take comfort in. 

#4: The Shopping 

While most people think of The Quarry and Lincoln Heights shopping centers when they envision shopping in Alamo Heights, the city offers far more. Speckled with couture boutiques, beadwork shops, quirky specialty shops, and designer showrooms, Alamo Heights’ main road (Broadway) offers a haven of exclusive shopping amenities. Furthermore, HEB’s upscale grocery store (Central Market) is situated right in the center of the area and is well loved by both Alamo Heights residents and non-residents.

The Quarry Market Shopping Center.

#3: Character and Charm 

If one thing is certain about Alamo Heights, it’s that there’s no such thing as “standard” or tract builders in the area. With many homes built in the early 20th century, homes along Alamo Heights’ tree-lined streets can differ significantly in style, features, and price. Ranging from small, charming cottages, to massive, luxurious Mediterranean manors, many of the homes have been either newly constructed or lovingly restored. And, while some of San Antonio’s most wealthy residents reside in Alamo Heights, there are many properties available for sale in the $250,000-$350,000 price range.

A classic 1945 cottage in Alamo Heights. See all homes for sale in Alamo Heights.

No. 2: Schools 

Long known as a top-notch school district, people are willing to pay a premium to live in a home within the Alamo Heights ISD district lines. This top-rated academic powerhouse has a college-bound student rate of 95% and has won nearly every award in the book. To add to its appeal, the athletics department is top-notch as well! 

Alamo Heights High School, erected in 1949.

1: Location 

Only 4.5 miles from downtown San Antonio and surrounded by major highways, Alamo Heights’ central location has been luring homebuyers for years. Easily accessible and close to major amenities such as the airport, museums, business centers, and even Fort Sam Houston, Alamo Heights meets the needs of a vast array of families! 

Pre-approval:An assessment given by the lender that investigates the borrower

Mortgage:A contract that represents the debt owed by the borrower to the lender for the money borrowed to purchase a property.

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