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First of all, we would like to welcome you to the Alamo City. We think San Antonio is an incredible place to live! This city offers something special! It’s extremely unique and diverse, able to appease a wide variety of residents...from families to singles to professionals, artists, and more. But no matter your age, profession, or familial status, all demographics intersect in one area: medical care. Whether you need treatment for a chronic illness or simply want to be informed in case of an emergency, it’s important for everyone to be informed about local medical resources! If you find yourself in the middle of an emergency, you won’t have time to research details on your own...which is why we’ve gathered the facts for you! Keep reading for summaries on the top San Antonio healthcare systems, including their facilities, specialties, rankings, and more.

#1. University Health System

Smart Rating: 90

Beds: 378

Location: 4502 Medical Drive

Mission Statement: The mission of the University Health System is to promote the good health of the community by providing the highest quality of care to both inpatients and outpatients, by teaching the next generation of health professionals and by supporting research thereby advancing medical knowledge and improving the delivery of patient care.


University Health System is a nationally recognized network of hospital and outpatient clinics in San Antonio, TX. US News & World Report has ranked University Health System as #1 in San Antonio and #6 in Texas! This places it in the top 3% of US hospitals. University offers a myriad of different services, but several departments in particular have been ranked very high by US News. The most high-performing specialty care units are nephrology, geriatrics, gynecology, orthopedics, and pulmonology. University Health System also possesses an excellent Cancer Therapy and Research Center. Emergency services at this hospital are the most active in the region, and University possesses the only center in the area that specializes in serious pediatric burns.

University’s partnership with University of Texas Medicine San Antonio has made it a leader in advanced treatment, new technologies, and clinical fact, University was recently ranked #2 in the world for best learning workplace! This health system was also the first in South Texas to earn magnet status from the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Other recognitions and awards include “high level of stroke care” by the American Heart Association, “Medal of Honor” from the US Department of Health and Human Services, and the Lee Gold Award for environmentally friendly design.

Overall, University Health System’s medical care is considered one of the best in the area. While it’s not the largest hospital, it has an extensive network of clinics and specialty services throughout the area and an extremely high track record in successful patient care.

#2. Methodist Healthcare

Smart Rating: 89

Beds: 1604

Location: 7700 Floyd Curl Dr

Mission Statement: The mission of Methodist Healthcare is ‘Serving Humanity to Honor God’ by providing exceptional and cost-effective health care accessible to all.


The Methodist Healthcare network in the greater San Antonio area is the largest of its kind in South Texas. The local system includes nine acute care facilities and employs over 10,000 individuals, acting as the city’s second largest private employer. The largest facility in the network is Methodist Hospital, the first hospital ever built in the now-thriving South Texas Medical Center. As stated above, not only is Methodist Healthcare the largest service provider in South Texas, it has also been proven to be the local favorite. From the outset, Methodist Healthcare has been ranked “Reader’s Choice” by the San Antonio Express-News every year. It has also won the National Research Corporation’s Consumer Choice Award more than any other hospital organization in the state.

US News has recognized Methodist Healthcare for several adult specialties, including oncology (within the hospital’s own cancer center), diabetes/endocrinology, GI, nephrology, and pulmonology. Other areas of specialty and excellence include obstetrics, neurosurgery, and back/neck surgery, among several others. Methodist Healthcare is also the only hospital in the city that caters specifically to the needs of international patients (through the Methodist International Program). Methodist also offer emergency services, including specialty facilities for emergency care in both San Antonio and Boerne.

The Methodist Healthcare system in San Antonio is the largest and most preferred by San Antonio residents! Its variety of specialties, level of patient satisfaction, and reach throughout the city make it stand out.

#3. Baptist Health System

Smart Rating: 89

Beds: 1527

Location: 111 Dallas St

Mission statement: We help people achieve health for life through compassionate service inspired by faith.


The Baptist Health System in San Antonio is made up of 5 area hospitals, which are conveniently spread throughout the city. No matter where you live, there’s probably a Baptist Hospital nearby! These facilities include centers for children’s health, orthopedic care, women’s health, rehabilitation, and emergency and trauma centers. The Baptist Health System, in conjunction with the Baptist General Convention of Texas, also offers excellence in chaplain and pastoral care services.

The Baptist Health System in San Antonio offers an impressive variety of specialty services, including state-of-the-art cardiovascular and vascular services, stroke care, etc. In fact, The US News and World Report named The Baptist Health System as “high performing” in diabetes & endocrinology, nephrology, and pulmonology. They are perhaps known best, however, for stroke care. As the “leading stroke care” in South Texas, the Baptist Health System earned a spot on the American Heart Association’s Target: Stroke Honor Roll. This hospital is the sole recipient of this honor in the state of Texas. They have also received the Stroke Gold Plus Award and Primary Stroke Center Advanced Certification (The Joint Commission). Baptist Health also recently won the Ethics in Business Award from the Ecumenical Council of San Antonio.

The Baptist Health System has also shown great success in education. The system houses its own School of Health Professionals, which offers degree completion in a variety of fields and degree types. Free and/or low-cost patient education classes are also available.

As you can see, the city of San Antonio provides a great deal of excellence in the area of healthcare and hospitals! Some of the best medical professionals in the state, including leading researchers and specialty physicians, are only a short drive away. Whether you’re in need of a bed in the South Texas Medical Center or a visit to a specialty care office in the Stone Oak area, you’ll be able to find it. San Antonio is a city that cares for its residents evidenced by the outstanding level of healthcare in the South Texas area.

[Note: Health Grove’s “Smart Ranking” is a number between 1 and 100 designed to help you find the top hospitals at a glance. The number is created using a combination of factors, including: US News Ranking, Truven Analytics ranking, and Medicare performance, among others.]

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