The Perfect Pairing: If San Antonio Neighborhoods were Texas Wines

Texas takes its wine seriously, y’all.

Though Lone Star State’s wine-growing history is distinctly “vintage” (stretching back to the 1650s when a group of industrious Franciscan priests started growing their own sacramental vines near El Paso), the past 50 years of Texas winemaking have truly been remarkable. From bright, crisp Sauvignon blancs to full-bodied Tempranillos, Texas labels have slowly but surely been making their way onto dinner tables and sommelier lists across the world.

Today, over 200 Texas wineries annually produce over 4,000 tons of wine, making Texas the fifth-largest wine producing state (behind California, Washington, Oregon, and New York), contributing over $1.35 billion annually to our state’s economy.

And so, in honor of Texas Wine Month (October), we thought we’d celebrate with a list of 11 San Antonio neighborhoods that embody the flavors, nuances, and characteristics of our favorite Texas vino.

111 Ashby Pl: SOLD (Monte Vista)

Cabernet Sauvignon: Monte Vista

A quintessential classic among red wines, Cabernet Sauvignon is a varietal known for its deep color, full body, and robust alcohol content (usually over 13.5%). With vibrant, rich flavors like black cherry, tobacco, licorice, vanilla, and violet, this wine pairs perfectly with Monte Vista, a historic Central San Antonio neighborhood brimming with gorgeous architecture and homes from the Alamo City’s “Gilded Age” (1890s-1930). The obvious luxury of this historic appeal matches well with the elegant finish of a Cab. Notably, Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are also known for their thick, durable skin, as well as the vine’s resistance to the elements...much like the time-tested historic architecture that has lasted through the years in Monte Vista.

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6827 Briscoe Mill: $239,000 (Alamo Ranch)

Chardonnay: Alamo Ranch

Chardonnay might legitimately be the most popular white wine on the planet (which is no surprise, considering its tasting notes include lemon, apple, pear, pineapple, honeysuckle, pie crust, and creme brulee). Also a favorite among winemakers and growers, Chardonnay is known for its versatility and diversity: it thrives almost anywhere, and it often takes on unique characteristics based on specific location...hence why we paired it with Alamo Ranch, the fastest-growing community in on the west side of San Antonio. This neighborhood’s wide range of homes and prices (as well as its impressive amenities) have attracted everyone from growing families to retirees, each of whom find something uniquely “fitting” to their desired lifestyle.

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24707 Garden Way: $325,000 (Stone Oak)

Merlot: Stone Oak

Merlot (French for “little blackbird,” which is probably the cutest thing ever) is known for being “soft, ripe, and elegant,” making it one of the most approachable grape varietals (and perfect for anyone new to red wine). Its flavor profile contains rich tastes like black cherry, raspberry, and dark chocolate. Equally approachable (as well as elegant), the Stone Oak community is one of the largest and most recognizable neighborhoods on the far north side of San Antonio. Besides a well-rounded diversity of housing and prices ($250k to $400k+), Stone Oak boasts exemplary public schools, (ISD), boutique shopping, local restaurants, and proximity to the wide-open Hill Country landscape to the north.

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735 E Guenther St: $1,150,000 (King William)

Syrah: King William

An intriguing varietal, Syrah is as full-bodied and complex as it is dark and elegant (its flavors ranging from blackberry and boysenberry to rosemary, pepper, and even smoked meat). And besides its fascinating tasting profile, Syrah also boasts a rather mythic history: several popular legends claim Syrah originated from Rome or Greece, while others connect it with Iran and the Persian Empire. San Antonio’s closest Syrah counterpart? King William: a historic Southtown neighborhood with stories of its own. Lined with grand, turn-of-the-century homes (many boasting unique color scheme, like 735 E Guenther St, pictured above), King William’s vibes are as sophisticated as they are eccentric and have captivated homeowners and tourists for generations.

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600 Market St: $4,300/mo. (Downtown)

Tempranillo: Urban San Antonio

One of Texas’ most well-regarded varieties of red wine, Tempranillo is a multi-faceted local favorite that we think deserves a lofty neighborhood pairing: Downtown San Antonio. Due to the grape’s versatility, Tempranillo can embody the lightheartedness of juicy strawberry, as well as the “seriousness” of vanilla, tobacco, and spice. The same can be said of the Alamo City’s diverse downtown scene, which often blends tradition and prestige with trendy new concepts.

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6 Darby Glen: OFF MARKET (The Dominion)

Viognier: The Dominion

A full-bodied white wine that originated in France’ Rhône Valley, Viognier sounds as luxurious as it tastes (and smells!). Marked by flavors that range from apricot, peach, and honeysuckle to spicier notes of gingerbread, vanilla, and nutmeg, Viognier also gives off a distinctly flowery aroma (often described as mimicking exotic perfume). One wine expert described as Viognier as a wine “for those who love to stop and smell the flowers.” With this sort of description, we can’t help but pair Viognier’s upscale mood with The Dominion, arguably San Antonio’s most luxurious neighborhood. Located on IH-10 just outside Loop 1604, this exclusive gated and guarded community boasts some of the most stunning properties in the city, a world-class country club, and over 33 acres of man-made lakes. With an average housing price hovering upwards of $750k, The Dominion is one of San Antonio’s most expensive neighborhoods.

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14302 Circle A Trail: OFF MARKET (Helotes)

Sauvignon blanc: Helotes

A favorite among wine aficionados and novices alike, Sauvignon blanc is a refreshing classic dry white wine perfect for summertime. Displaying bright, fruity flavors (with a punch of zesty acidity), Sauvignon blanc has crisp notes of lime, green apple, passion fruit, and white peach, as well as more herbaceous flavors like bell pepper and jalapeño. This fresh, natural spirit of Sauvignon blanc (a name that means “wild white”) pairs perfectly with the natural perks and classic “Texas” feel of Helotes, a San Antonio suburb located just northwest of city limits. Filled with country favorites like Floore’s Country Store, Old Town Helotes, and Helotes Creek Winery, this town is also perched just outside Government Canyon State Natural Area (and a 30-minute drive from Medina Lake).

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205 Rawhide Way: $220,000 (Cibolo)

Blanc du Bois: Schertz + Cibolo

One of the rare wines created in the United States, Blanc du Bois is a hybrid grape full of dry, crisp flavors like green apple, citrus, honeysuckle, and even dandelion. Clean and crisp, Blanc du Bois’s natural flavors are a favorite when paired with light dishes (think: poultry and seafood). These almost “grassy” characteristics of Blanc du Bois (along with its “patriotic” origin and blend of two) bring to mind San Antonio’s “twin suburbs” Schertz and Cibolo. Nestled next to each other on the North East San Antonio map, these towns both offer plenty of green space, great schools, and close proximity to Randolph Air Force Base (making both favorites among military families).

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422 Hays St #2: OFF MARKET (Tobin Hill)

Red Blend: Tobin Hill

Complex, interesting, and packed with diversity, Central San Antonio neighborhood Tobin Hill was our favorite community pick to exemplify a classic “Red Blend”. Usually used as a table wine (aka the juice that really gets the conversation going), these wines tend to be approachable, interesting, and always different. Likewise, Tobin Hill’s historic community displays the same sort of fascinating blend of tastes: a mix of historic and modern, families and artists, community and culture. Adding to its multifaceted appeal, Tobin Hill is also close to both downtown and The Pearl District, a bustling retail and foodie hub.

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141 Fair Oaks Pl: $589,000 (Alamo Heights)

Rosé: Alamo Heights

Anyone who knows anything about San Antonio culture knows: Alamo Heights is always trending. From its charming, oak-lined streets to its proximity to cultural attractions and trendy new local businesses, Alamo Heights naturally pairs with the equally explosive popularity of Rosé, a wine whose demand has skyrocketed worldwide in recent years. Packed with flavors like red fruit, flowers, citrus, melon, and rhubarb (with some variations venturing into cherry, lemon, orange zest, and celery), Rosé is as refreshing as approachable and upscale, much like the gorgeous properties seen throughout Alamo Heights (case and point: the charming property pictured above).

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868 Boomerang Ct: $525,000 (New Braunfels, TX)

Riesling: Hill Country

One of our favorite neighborhood-wine pairings on the list, Riesling and the Texas Hill Country go hand-in-hand for several reasons. To start, Riesling’s crisp, acidic body is packed with notes of peach, honey, citrus, apple, and pear, all flavors found abundantly in the rolling Hill Country landscape (Fredericksburg peaches, anyone?). To boot, the two also bear a similar sense of heritage: Riesling originated in the Rhine region of Germany (which made it an absolute favorite among members of the German nobility), while the Hill Country is also punctuated by a distinctly German history (think: New Braunfels and its affinity for all things Deutschland).

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If all this wine talk has you itching to open a bottle, why not celebrate with a glass of vino from the Lone Star State? We can’t think of a better way to celebrate Texas Wine Month.

As one of the oldest settlements in Texas, San Antonio’s cultural heritage is rich in so many ways! To find out just how your legacy can blend with our city, connect with one of our agents. We’ll connect you with a lender, provide you with exclusive resources, and show you around our beautiful Alamo City! 

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