The “Perfect” Home According to San Antonio Buyers

What exactly is the perfect San Antonio home? How many bathrooms? How many bedrooms? Where is it located? According to our data, we may have decoded the San Antonio buyer and discovered exactly what they want...Keep reading to discover what exactly that is!

Because despite the fact that buying a home is perhaps the most advanced form of “adulting” you can achieve, the homebuying process can sometimes leave you feeling a bit like a high schooler trying to figure out what everyone else is doing.

Maybe you dive headfirst into Internet research or ask your agent a zillion questions. Perhaps you begin mastering the art of Facebook stalking, just to see what and where all your friends are buying (the social media equivalent of peeking over the smart kid’s shoulder in math class).

Whatever your preferred method, we’ve found a new way to help you “study up” for the homebuying process. This “cheat sheet” takes a good, hard look at the facts: where and what San Antonio home buyers bought over the past several months. These real estate trends can help you discover what you do (or don’t) want when it comes to your new abode.

So whether you’re looking to keep up with the Joneses or merely curious about the data, here is a compilation of San Antonio’s most popular homebuying trends.

How many bedrooms?

With a famous slogan like, “Everything's bigger in Texas,” you’d think that the Alamo City’s philosophy on bedrooms would be, “The more the merrier!” Not so. Rather than dole out extra rooms without cause, it seems San Antonio’s housing inventory focused on a more classic layout: four bedrooms. The data shows that, in the past three months, 200 three-bedroom homes, 379 four-bedroom homes, and only 134 five-bedroom homes were sold in the San Antonio area. Five bedroom homes were, in fact, the least popular size. Whether residents are discovering the merits of minimalism or simply needing less space, this trend proves that San Antonio buyers are taking the Goldilocks approach: waving off anything “too big” or “too small” and searching for something “just right.”

How many bathrooms?

As arguably one of the most important rooms in the house, the ever-coveted “full bathroom” is an absolute necessity on everyone’s “perfect house” list. Buyers usually seek a house that eliminates the risk of anyone having to shout, “Hurry up in there!”...but without the burden of having to clean too many toilets and showers. The data showed as much: overwhelmingly, the typical number of full bathrooms numbered between two full bathrooms (297 homes) and three (279 homes).

How much square footage?

While the number of bedrooms may be resting in the middle at a modest “four,” the data we compiled about San Antonio buyers proves that bigger may actually be better when it comes to square footage. Whereas only 73 homes measuring 1500-2000 sq ft were sold in the last three months, 111 sold in the 2000-2500 range, 152 sold between 2500-3000, and 157 measured 3000-3500! The allotment of this size increase varies...some homes feature spacious bedrooms, whereas others boast generous common spaces or novelty amenities like wine cellars and game rooms. Overall, it seems that San Antonio residents like a little space to spread out.

What’s the typical price range?

While the data is literally all over the map regarding the “typical” San Antonio home cost, it seems that the median selling price has hovered somewhere between $199k and $215k over the past year. However, it seems that the “hottest” homes (the homes with the fastest selling price range) tended to be between $300-400k.

What neighborhoods are hot right now?

Ah, and now for answer to perhaps our most-asked question: Where is everyone buying right now? It seems the answer lies in San Antonio’s northbound growth spurt, a trend that we’ve seen stretching out towards the beckoning Hill Country landscape for several years now. According to the data we compiled, the homes that sold the fastest (under 60 days!) were all in North San Antonio neighborhoods...specifically, Stone Oak, Timberwood Park, and Rogers Ranch.

Notably home to more and more of San Antonio’s premiere medical community (Stone Oak), North San Antonio also boasts top school districts (North East Independent School District), expanding shopping centers, and luxury golf courses (Canyon Springs Golf Club, TPC San Antonio)...not to mention gated communities and gorgeous landscaping. This northlying area has predominantly attracted families and affluent professionals, drawn in by the promise of growth and the beauty of Hill Country views.

So just what is the perfect San Antonio home?

According to our data, “The Most Popular Home in the City” is awarded to a 4 bed, 2 full bath, 3000-3500 sq ft, $300-400k home located in a Northside neighborhood! And just to prove it, we’ve found several homes on the market right now that fit this exact description. Here are five examples of the typical San Antonio real estate purchase.

1. 26143 Wood Chuck

At $382,000, 26143 Wood Chuck fits the bill! This spacious Timberwood Park home boasts 3,303 sq ft of living space and features 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms (2 full).

2. 13109 Stuart Rd

13109 Stuart Rd may not be in North San Antonio (quite the opposite, actually!), but the rest of its parameters certainly scream, “dream house!” At only $360,000, this 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom beauty boasts 3,306 sq ft of space...not to mention over a acre of hill country land!

3.14510 Rifleman Rd

One of the more spacious homes on our list, 14510 Rifleman Rd features 5 spacious bedrooms and 4 bathrooms within its 3,340 sq ft layout. Surprisingly this Kallison Ranch home is only $335,000!

4. 25615 Coronado Bluffs

A beautiful Highland Home, 25615 Coronado Bluffs was built with the San Antonio buyer in mind. With 4 spacious bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms within its 3,185 sq ft, this The Summit at Canyon Springs home is only $349,900!

5. 13506 Vista Bonita

Located in North Central San Antonio, 13506 Vista Bonita seems to be the perfect example of the “typical San Antonio home.” With 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms over 3,000 sq ft, this beautiful home is only $359,900!

While these may have been the most popular San Antonio neighborhoods and homes, they represent merely a subsection of the full extent of the Alamo City’s housing inventory. From elegant historic homes to modern bungalows to quirky re-imagined mid-century masterpieces, our city’s vast selection of neighborhoods means that no matter your price point and desired amenities, you can find something that fits your unique buyer personality.

Naturally, the first step is to connect with a lender to see what you can afford (Hint: it may be more than you think!), download our exclusive Buyer’s Guide (with important insights and tips specific to San Antonio), and contact an expert agent to get started! We’d love to answer any questions and show you around our one-of-a-kind city. 

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