The 16 Myers-Briggs Personalities of San Antonio Neighborhoods

In case you haven’t noticed, the internet has become increasingly obsessed with personality tests and quizzes. Type just a few words into the Google search bar, and you can discover your inner Disney Princess character, Hogwarts house, and what your breakfast habits say about your love life.

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Perhaps one of the most popular of these tests is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), which categorizes people into 16 various types based on information intake, decision-making, and interaction with the outside world. So, based on MBTI theory and our love for this diverse city, we’ve mapped out San Antonio’s personality geography...because obviously, San Antonio has room for all 16 personality types. Take the test here, then keep reading to find your neighborhood soulmate!

ISTJ - The Duty Fulfiller

Neighborhood: Alamo Ranch

Quiet, serious, thorough and dependable, ISTJs are marked by practicality, responsibility, and a tireless work ethic. Because they tend to value traditions, loyalty, and orderly surroundings, we’d match ISTJs with Alamo Ranch, located on the outer west side of San Antonio. Alamo Ranch (the fastest growing master-planned community in the area) is peaceful, clean, and family-oriented, appealing to the ISTJ’s traditional values and love for organization.

ISTP - The Mechanic

Area: New Braunfels

Tolerant and flexible, ISTPs are logical mechanics interested in cause and effect, efficiency, and practical solutions. Because they’re generally quiet and reserved, ISTPs may not seem like the adventurous type at first glance. However, this type’s vivid relationship with the sensory world causes them to thrive through hands-on activities, extreme sports, and all things risky. We’d place the ISTP in New Braunfels: a Hill Country town peaceful enough for an introvert, yet exciting and diverse enough for an outdoor adventurer. From water skiing to spelunking to rock climbing, New Braunfels’ variety of activities is perfect for the adrenaline-seeking ISTP.

ISFJ - The Nurturer

Neighborhood: Stone Oak

Quiet, kind, and conscientious, ISFJs are dependable and selfless people who value security and traditions. Noted as being incredible medical professionals, ISFJs would fit right into the Stone Oak neighborhood (located in the northern 281 corridor). We believe the ISFJ’s well-developed sense of space and function would enjoy the classic, upscale suburban streets, harmonious environment, and practical location.

ISFP - The Artist

Neighborhood: Timberwood Park

Sometimes referred to as the resident MBTI “hippie”, ISFPs tend to be sensitive, kind people with an affinity for nature. Loyal and faithful, they value peace, tend to avoid conflict at all costs, and value good aesthetics. We think ISFPs would find natural solace within Timberwood Park, a Hill Country retreat just north of San Antonio. This peaceful custom-home neighborhood boasts a rural feel, gorgeous landscaping, Hill Country views, all while still within a close proximity to the culture of the city.

INFJ - The Protector

Neighborhood: King William

Quietly forceful, original, and sensitive, INFJs are known for being the rarest of all sixteen types. The INFJ’s strong intuition and deep emotional states are complemented by well-developed value systems and dedicated perseverance. Due to their individualistic nature, we’re matching INFJs with the historic King William neighborhood: respectable and upscale, yet still a little quirky. From bungalows to mansions, the eclectic vibes of King William draw in professionals and married couples interested in something besides the classic suburb.

INFP - The Idealist

Neighborhood: The Deco District

Quiet, reflective, and creative, INFPs are strongly idealistic people devoted to authenticity and beauty. Due to the INFP’s affinity for art and culture, we’ve paired this type with The Deco District (specifically, Monticello Park). Just west of I-10 in Central San Antonio, Monticello Park boasts a distinct neighborhood culture, historic feel, and vibrant local art scene. The INFP’s obsession with potential, growth, and altruism would fit right in with the Deco District’s current revitalization efforts, aided by nonprofits like Network for Young Artists and the acclaimed Woodlawn Theater.

INTJ - The Architect

Neighborhood: Shavano Park

INTJs are the reason we get things done. Independent, original, analytical, and determined, they are innovative people who turn theories into solid plans of action. INTJs are in it for the long haul, committed to achieving their goals with competence and structure. We think the high standards and private nature of the INTJ would match perfectly with Shavano Park, a gorgeously constructed, affluent gated community in north San Antonio. The seemingly secluded neighborhood still provides easy access to area amenities, institutes of higher knowledge, and inspiring aesthetics.

INTP - The Thinker

Neighborhood: Northwest San Antonio

Logical, original, and creative thinkers, INTPs come alive when thinking and talking about abstract theories and ideas. They tend to be highly intellectually capable, turning to theories for insight and understanding. The Northwest side of San Antonio emits an INTP vibe, home to institutes of higher knowledge, learning, and cerebral employment (UTSA, University of the Incarnate Word, the Medical Center District, USAA headquarters, NuStar Energy, and Kinetic Concepts, among others).

ESTP - The Doer

Neighborhood: Five Points + The Pearl District

Friendly, adaptable, and action-oriented, the ESTP embodies the age-old phrase, “Seize the day!” Above all "doers" focused on immediate results, ESTPs often embrace a fast-paced lifestyle and thrive on external stimulation. We’d match the fun-loving, spontaneous nature of the ESTP with Five Points due to its proximity to The Pearl District (known for offbeat, stylish restaurants, shopping, and urban hype). From the luxurious Hotel Emma to beautiful hiking and biking trails nearby, this vibrant area captures the ESTP spirit.

ESTJ - The Guardian - Military

Area: Schertz/Cibolo

Practical above all else, the ESTJ values tradition, organization, and a hard work ethic. Their loyalty, intelligence, and love of structure make them ideal military leaders...naturally, we thought of Schertz, TX for this type. Perched on the eastern corridor of San Antonio, Schertz is a coveted suburban area that boasts a large demographic of military families interested in the classic suburban lifestyle. The practicality of excellent schools, low crime rates, and affordable housing make Schertz an ideal choice for the ESTJ.

ESFP - The Performer

Neighborhood: Southtown

People-oriented and fun-loving, ESFPs live for the moment and love new experiences. Their exuberant spirit is complemented by a practical, hands-on approach to both work and play. The ESFP’s affinity for novelty and creativity is perfectly matched by Southtown, San Antonio’s edgiest neighborhood. Known for funky art galleries, high-end boutiques, street art, and beautiful historic architecture, Southtown serves as a sort of urban playground for locals and art enthusiasts alike.

ESFJ - The Caregiver

Area: Boerne

Traditional and warm-hearted, ESFJs are popular and conscientious people loved by all. This type tends to put the needs of others before his or her own, adhering to a strong sense of responsibility and duty. Perhaps no place in the San Antonio metro area displays these traits better than Boerne, TX. A close-knit town just north of San Antonio, this town displays an incredibly strong sense of tradition and values. We think ESFJs would love setting down roots and investing in Boerne.

ENFP - The Inspirer

Neighborhood: Dignowity Hill

Warm, idealistic, and creative, ENFPs are enthusiastic and imaginative people who see life as full of possibility. While the rest of us may feel dubious about their “big ideas”, the ENFP can accomplish almost anything that truly captures their interest. Because ENFPs love community and harmony, we’re matching them with Dignowity Hill, an eclectic and energetic community in central San Antonio. This neighborhood values a sense of belonging and displayed by the famously quirky Dignowity Hill Pushcart Derby.

ENFJ - The Giver

Neighborhood: Olmos Park + Alamo Heights

Popular and sensitive, ENFJs are natural-born leaders that can be identified by their outstanding people skills. Externally focused, this type displays a passionate and admirable concern for the people around them. As lovers of deep connections, ENFJs would thrive in Olmos Park or Alamo Heights, both affluent “small towns” in the middle of the city. These neighborhoods are tight-knit communities with great schools, easy access to big-city perks, and plenty of families putting down roots.

ENTP - The Visionary

Neighborhood: Downtown/Tech Center

Creative, resourceful, and intellectually quick, ENTPs are obsessed with new ideas and stimulating conversation. As people who thrive on activity (mental or physical), they generally dislike routine and the typical suburban life...leading us to place them at the center of it all: downtown. As the urban center of the Alamo City’s growing sprawl, downtown San Antonio is anything but static. Besides traditional downtown vibes (business professional, urban, upscale), this neighborhood is humming with both leisure activities and a growing tech scene. Culturally diverse, intellectually stimulating, and always humming with activity, downtown San Antonio will keep the ENTP stimulated and interested.

ENTJ - The Executive

Neighborhood: The Dominion

Assertive and outspoken, ENTJs are problem-solvers with incredible leadership skills. Intelligent and well-informed, they usually excel in the public eye, valuing knowledge, competence, and achievement. Because they make ideal business executives, entrepreneurs, professors, and public figures, we’re willing to be there’s more than one ENTJ residing in The Dominion. Located on the northwest section of the city, The Dominion is a well-known luxury community that exudes excellence.

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Pre-approval:An assessment given by the lender that investigates the borrower

Mortgage:A contract that represents the debt owed by the borrower to the lender for the money borrowed to purchase a property.

master-planned community:A community with an extensive plan centered around building up infrastructure, with residential homes, commercial buildings, and public facilities.

guardian:A party assigned by the courts that oversees and carries out the wishes of a party who cannot represent himself.

access:The right to enter a land through public route; also may include entering the land from another private land.