The Military Family’s Home Search: 3 Fort Sam Neighborhoods

Because of its numerous military bases, San Antonio seems to be a hub for both active duty military members and retirees. The city is welcoming, family-friendly, and full of culture. At Keller Williams, we want to help make your move to San Antonio as smooth and seamless as possible. We know that finding the right home is very important for a military family, especially considering the frequent moves and constant relocation that you face. We’ve researched the area surrounding several bases in San Antonio and hand-picked several neighborhoods that seem particularly appealing to military families at Fort Sam Houston.

A photo of the old BAMC on the campus of Fort Sam Houston.  Photo Credit: Allen Skiles Photography

San Antonio is popularly known as “Military City USA” for good reason. This city is home to Joint Base San Antonio, which is made up of 3 separate military bases: Fort Sam Houston, Randolph AFB, and Lackland AFB. The full base employs over 80,000 people, making it one of the largest in the country. Today, we’re zooming in on Fort Sam Houston (locally just referred to simply as “Fort Sam”), located on the near east side of the city.

Fort Sam Houston, especially known for excellence in the medical community, currently serves as the command headquarters for the US Army North, US Army South, and the Army Medical Command. It also hosts the Army Medical Department Center and School, the Fifth Recruiting Brigade, and Medical Education and Training Campus, among other units. Because Fort Sam is home to the Brooke Army Medical Center, it is often called the “Home of Army Medicine”.

Fort Sam Houston currently has a population of over 160,000 people! Due to its large size, the base is home to its own school district, which contains one elementary school, one middle school, and one high school. Recent job growth in the area has been positive, and the median household income is around $42,945.

Though military housing is available on base, many families desire their own home in a more civilian neighborhood...however, this often means a long commute. So what if you want to live off-base, but you don’t want to drive too far? Thankfully, Fort Sam is very centrally located, meaning it’s an easy drive to and from several desirable neighborhoods. We’ve found some nearby neighborhoods that are perfect for military families like you!

Bel Meade

This neighborhood is a hidden gem, nestled right up against Fort Sam Houston! Only 2 miles away from the base, Bel Meade is a small community that feels like it’s set up in the middle of the countryside. Two community parks, multiple walking trails, and established greenery all contribute to this urban oasis in the middle of the city! Homes are relatively affordable, mostly staying in the $200k-$300k range.

Alamo Heights

The Alamo Heights community is extremely reputable in the San Antonio area. The neighborhood, located less than 5 miles from Fort Sam, is anything but cookie-cutter. Because these homes have been around for some time, the each have character and personality. The Alamo Heights area is also famous for its shopping culture, located right next to the Quarry Market. Prices in this neighborhood are very diverse due to the range of houses. Homes can sell anywhere from the $200k’s and up into the millions. Be sure to check out what’s available in this coveted neighborhood!

Terrell Heights

Also located within 5 miles of Fort Sam Houston is Terrell Heights, a small, quiet community on the outskirts of Alamo Heights area. The median home price is around $270k. Homes are affordable and set in a cozy environment. Also, the area school district is one of the best in the city. Adding to its appeal, Terrell Heights is an easy drive to Breckenridge, the city zoo, and other San Antonio attractions!

A ranch style home in Terrell Heights.  Photo courtesy of KW agent Trent Boarnet.


A little further away (about 10 miles/20 minutes away from Fort Sam) is Converse, TX. Enclosed completely by San Antonio, Converse is its own independent municipality in the middle of the city! With a population of about 19,000 people, the community is especially tight-knit, a huge plus for military families looking to plug in right away. Homes are modest but high quality, and prices are very affordable! If your budget is in the 100k-200k range, we recommend you check out Converse!

Converse offers affordable homes for many budgets.  Photo courtesy of KW agent Clint Neal.

To summarize, if you’re a military family moving to Fort Sam Houston, you’re in luck! There’s a variety of housing available in San Antonio, and we’ve found the closest, most affordable areas. We hope you love the Alamo City! Be sure to check our “Transplants” blog series to get insider info on restaurants, farmer’s markets, shopping, and other savvy knowledge from San Antonio locals! 

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