The Frugal Buyer’s Guide to SA Neighborhoods

Let’s face it: unless you’re up to your eyeballs in cash, “affordability” is a major deciding factor when it comes to buying a home.

But where do you start?

A price search alone doesn’t tell you much. Just because a home is within your budget doesn’t mean it meets your standards (or fits with your lifestyle or morning commute).

Which is why we’ve compiled a guide for the frugal San Antonio buyer: these are neighborhoods we’d actually recommend to our friends...areas that prove safe, family-friendly, and offer high-quality education (as well as a number of homes between $100k-$300k).

1914 W Summit Ave: Monticello Park

If you’re looking to FLIP A HOUSE: Monticello ParkWoodlawn

West of San Antonio’s urban core, Monticello Park is an anchor in Central West “Deco District”, a historic neighborhood that displays both the opulence and the playfulness of the 1920’s. A collective of gorgeous architecture and community-oriented vibes, Monticello Park is a bit of a “hidden gem” as far as historic districts go. Often eclipsed by other, more grandiose historic districts, Monticello Park offers a wealth of beautiful (yet oft-neglected) homes with an affordable price tag. For the visionary buyers looking for a one-of-a-kind “fixer upper” with loads of potential, Monticello Park and nearby neighborhoods like Woodlawn are veritable gold mines.

7326 Bluestone Rd: Hunters Chase

If you’re looking to INVEST: College Park, Hunters Chase, Fieldstone.

Looking to become a landlord? Our (painfully obvious) advice: buy where the renters want to live. Since the Northwest corner of San Antonio boasts UTSA, USAA, and the sprawling Med Center, students, professionals, and families are constantly searching high and low for the perfect rental in this area. Consequently, ROI on rentals in the Northwest area are...lucrative, to say the least. A few locales we recommend for buyers on a budget: College Park, Hunter s Chase, and Fieldstone.

2138 Oak Peak: Encino Park

If you’re looking to RAISE A FAMILY: HelotesEncino ParkThousand Oaks

Given San Antonio’s family-centric population and frugal attitudes, neighborhoods that prove both family-friendly and affordable are perhaps the “holy grail” of local real estate. Though these neighborhoods are speckled across the city in various areas, they can sometimes prove a bit elusive when it comes time to buy. Our recommendations? The best neighborhoods in this category tend to be located on the outskirts of the city. On the North side, Encino Park and Thousand Oaks offer top-notch school districts, while Helotes has that “small town Texas” feel (and all three offer affordable options).

6103 Diego Lane: Alamo Ranch

If you’re looking for a MILITARY HAVEN: Schertz-CiboloAlamo RanchKallison Ranch

Considering San Antonio is the official “Military City USA” (but like, literally), affordable neighborhoods with a relatively easy commute to Lackland, Randolph, and Ft Sam are in high demand. Given this criterion (while factoring in great school districts and overall community vibes), we’ve seen a lot of military families find solace at Alamo Ranch and Kallison Ranch on the Westside, as well as the Schertz -Cibolo area to the east. These outlying areas offer plenty of parks, amenities, and opportunities to foster the type of community military families crave.

416 Denver Blvd: Denver Heights

If you’re looking to SEE GROWTH: Dignowity Hill, Denver Heights, Lavaca

After major development strides in Urban San Antonio neighborhoods, everyone is wondering: What’s the Alamo City’s next big neighborhood? Rumor has it that the neighborhoods east of Downtown are ripe for growth. Despite being relatively neglected areas for the past few decades, neighborhoods like Dignowity Hill, Denver Heights, and La vaca offer the history, diversity, and community that modern city-dwellers crave.

9562 Campton Farms: Northwest Crossing

If you’re looking to SAVE MONEY: Redbird RanchNorthwest CrossingOak Grove

Perhaps the most “duh” category on a “Frugal Buyer’s Guide”, this section is devoted to a few of our favorite affordable neighborhoods. These areas offer a sort of universal appeal to suburban penny pinchers: great school districts, consistently affordable prices, safe areas, and top-notch amenities. On the Westside, we recommend Redbird Ranch and Northwest Crossing, while Oak Grove might appeal to buyers on the Northside.

If affordability is at the top of your buyer’s checklist, we’d love to help you find the best house for the lowest price possible. Naturally, the first step is to connect with a lender to see what you can afford (Hint: it may be more than you think!), download our exclusive Buyer’s Guide (with important insights and tips specific to San Antonio), and contact an expert agent to get started! We’d love to answer any questions and show you around our one-of-a-kind city.

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