The 10 Benefits of a Realtor San Antonio Buyers Can’t Live Without

When it comes to using a Realtor, some San Antonio buyers may try to go without. They think “Hey, there are all these apps and websites I can use to find a home … so why not just do it all myself?” While at first thought, this might seem like a logical assumption, in the end most buyers end up regretting this decision. You see, buying a home on your own is much harder than most people bargain for. It’s time consuming, it’s tedious, and it can get frustrating, disheartening and even upsetting at times.

Having a pro by your side – someone who’s been through it dozens, even hundreds of times – can be hugely beneficial. Plus, with a Realtor, San Antonio buyers can enjoy a whole slew of other advantages and bonuses, too. Advantages such as the following:

  • 1.They can give you access to detailed MLS listings. Sure, you can find snippets of MLS data on the big real estate sites, but if you want an all-access pass, you need a Realtor in your corner. Only Realtors and industry professionals have full access to the MLS search, which can give you all the info you need to make a smart buying decision. With MLS data, you can learn how long a property’s been on the market, find out about crime and school district data, get info on the age, condition and amenities of the house, and even discover how other listings in the neighborhood are doing. It’s a veritable encyclopedia of information you just can’t pass up.

  • 2.They have unparalleled local knowledge. Realtors are especially beneficial if you’re moving to a new city. Being a local expert is their job, and they know virtually everything there is to know about the areas they work in. They know all about property values, school districts, neighborhoods and subdivisions, crime rates, local entertainment andmore, and they can help you find the absolutely best, most perfect location for you and your family. They can also answer any questions you may have in the process.Ipad re.jpeg
  • 3.Their negotiation skills are key. One of the best things about having a real estate agent on your side is that they will negotiate on your behalf. This not only makes the buying process easier on you (no intimidating calls or meetings with agents or sellers!), it usually saves you money, too. In fact, sometimes a realtor can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on just one single line item. That’s a valuable service to say the least!
  • 4.They have valuable industry connections. During the home-buying processing, you’re going to need the help of dozens of industry professionals – people like home inspectors, mortgage lenders, warranty providers, loan officers, pest control specialists, and maybe even building or electrical contractors, depending on what your home inspections reveal. Real estate agents have local connections in all of these areas, and they can help you find the right person, at the right price, with just one phone call.
  • 5.They make communication easy. Buying a home requires a lot of back and forth communication. You have to work with listing agents and buyers anytime you want to set up a showing, and if you need to do an inspection or second run-through, you have to start the whole process over again. It can be pretty tedious – especially if you’re working a full-time job or raising a family at the time. Fortunately, with a Realtor on your side, all communication is taken off your shoulders. They’ll handle all communication on your behalf, and there’s no time-consuming phone tag necessary!
  • 6.The make finding and touring homes extremely convenient. Realtors make finding, touring and even evaluating homes infinitely easier. At the beginning, they’ll create a customized list of properties that fit your needs and budget, and then, they’ll set up showings and coordinate with any listing agents. Finally, they’ll even walk with you through properties, making sure you learn all you need to know about a home before making your decision. It’s a comprehensive service that every buyer needs.
  • 7.They protect your best interests. If you’re not careful in the early stages of the home-buying process, you could find yourself in trouble – and out thousands of dollars. Here’s an example: If you fail to meet certain conditions and have to back out of the sale, you may lose your deposit, as well as any other funds you may have already put down. A Realtor can ensure this doesn’t happen by carefully going over your contracts well before any money is put down. If there are conditions that may put your sale or your finances in danger, they know how to renegotiate those and protect your best interests.
  • 8.They can offer practical advice. Realtors have been around the block a few times, and they’ve truly seen it all. They can spot problem properties (or sellers) from a mile away, and they can even help you comb through inspection reports, appraisals and other data you’re given in your home-buying process. They’re there to give you expert advice on any decision you make – no matter how big or small it may be.

Make an offer.jpg

  • 9.They provide hands-on guidance. Though realtors certainly give advice, they’re don’t just talk the talk. They’re there for hands-on help, too. They’ll sit down with you to go over your needs or review properties, they’ll join you on tours and in open houses, and they’ll even come with you to the home inspection and the final closing. They’re there every step of the way, whenever your family may need them!
  • 10.They can even help with selling. If you’re buying a home, you probably have a home to sell, too. A realtor can help with that aspect, ensuring you not only get a good return on investment for your home, but also that your home sale and your home purchase are well- coordinated. After all, you don’t want to end up living in a hotel room for 6 months, while you frantically search for a home, do you? On the flip side, you don’t want to have a new home, pay for two mortgages, and wait for your old house to make its way off the market, either. The right realtor can help prevent both these scenarios, saving you headache and hassle.


These are some pretty amazing benefits, and you know what? They come completely free of charge. Realtor fees are covered in the sales price of the home you buy – meaning absolutely nothing comes out of your pocket to pay your realtor. A Realtor is simply there to make sure you and your loved ones get what you need, when you need it and at a price you can afford. It really is a win-win for everyone involved.

Don’t Forgo a Realtor

Are you thinking of forgoing a Realtor, San Antonio buyers? Think again! A realtor can bring immense value to the home-buying process, and they can be a true ally as you begin your home search. Contact an agent at Keller Williams San Antonio today to get started. Our local San Antonio real estate experts are here to help.

Pre-approval:An assessment given by the lender that investigates the borrower

Mortgage:A contract that represents the debt owed by the borrower to the lender for the money borrowed to purchase a property.

mortgage:A contract that represents the debt owed by the borrower to the lender for the money borrowed to purchase a property.

listing:A formal written contract that allows an agent to represent a party in the selling, leasing, or buying of a property.

buyer:An economic downturn when buyers have the advantage.

buyer:A temporary agreement where the buyer will reside in the property before closing.

buyer:the agent that represents and guides the best wishes of the buyer in a business transaction, as either an individual agent or as a broker

access:The right to enter a land through public route; also may include entering the land from another private land.

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