Texas Hill Country Getaways We Love

The Texas Hill Country is home to some of the most beautiful land and popular destinations in Texas. No matter if you prefer a luxurious resort, a picturesque bed and breakfast, or camping along a beautiful river, there are plenty of options to choose from in the region. We’ve taken the liberty of choosing our favorite from each category and adding the best attractions nearby!

Fredericksburg, Texas

Known primarily for peaches and a preserved German heritage, Texans know that Fredericksburg has much more to offer. Located just 60 miles from San Antonio, Fredericksburg is a fantastic place for a quick trip or romantic weekend. Home to a number of bed and breakfasts, the town is well known for hospitality and quaint restaurants. Fredericksburg also offers plenty to do both in town and within a short drive. The Fredericksburg Herb Farm is a sought after bed and breakfast on the edge town. The charming bed and breakfast offers Sunday Haus cottages for rent that are surrounded by gardens and greenery. The Herb Farm is also home to a large destination spa, a well-known fine dining restaurant, and is just minutes from nearby attractions.

Enchanted Rock is located just 17 miles from downtown Fredericksburg and is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. The rock itself is a giant dome shaped hill made out of pink granite, the same granite used to build the Texas Capitol building. The Rock has been subject of many legends throughout the years because of the beautiful glow it produces at sunset. The granite reflects the light of the setting sun and makes the rock appear to glow a deep reddish orange color, giving way to the rock’s legend of being “enchanted”. Enchanted Rock is a fantastic place for a hike or even a casual stroll. The park surrounding is filled with trails, creeks, and campsites. The rock itself even boasts multiple caves and a natural slide made from the worn granite.

A few miles east of Fredericksburg lies a bit of a Texas legend. Luckenbach, Texas has a population of 3 people, giving rise to the famous saying “everybody’s somebody in Luckenbach”. Legend goes that the town was put up for sale in the 1970’s. Hondo Crouch bought the town and created an area to host musicians, along with a variety of shenanigans. For years the town was home to some of the wildest concerts and parties imaginable and provided inspiration for Waylon Jennings and Willlie Nelson’s iconinc song named after the town. Nowadays things have calmed down but the town still remains open during the day to grab a cold drink, and most weekend nights for a good concert. If nothing else, make sure to stop by and visit the general store!

Lake LBJ

Lake Lyndon B. Johnson, or “Lake LBJ”, is one of the most popular destinations in the Texas Hill Country. President Johnson owned a ranch on the lake and entertained foreign visitors there throughout his public life. Known for clear water and beautiful views, the lake is sought out by thrill seekers and vacationers alike. The lake itself is a reservoir fed by Colorado River. In fact, one reason for the lake’s popularity is that the water level is generally consistent, a sought after feature for boat owners and those looking to participate in water sports. The Lake is great for traditional lake weekend activities like water-skiing, volleyball, and swimming. There are also a variety of golf courses nearby and some great restaurants in the lake’s adopted hometown of Marble Falls.

Arguably the most popular hotel in the area is the Horseshoe Bay Resort. Horseshoe Bay is generally regarded as a luxurious resort with a country-club atmosphere. The resort features its very own marina with boats ranging from jet skis and kayaks, to pontoon boats and an 80 person party boat. As with any well-regarded resort, Horseshoe Bay offers multiple pools to choose from including an outdoor lagoon style pool overlooking the lake, which happens to be flanked by the largest hot tub in Texas. If natural bodies of water are more your style the resort also features two private beaches, one which is ideal for families, and another ideal for adults. In addition to family friendly activities the resort also features a full service spa and salon, state-of-the-art fitness center, golf, tennis and 3 on-site restaurants.

For those who enjoy the lake, but also enjoy taking a day or two to get away and explore, the area around Lake LBJ is home to a number of attractions unique to the Texas Hill Country. The most famous and sought after destinations in the area are the many wineries that operate in the Hill Country region. In fact, Lake LBJ is located near more than 30 wineries. Many do not realize that Texas has a long history of wine production dating back to the 1650s, nearly one hundred years before production began in California. Over the centuries the Hill Country has emerged as the leading wine producer in Texas, due largely to an ideal climate and topography. With so many wineries to choose from, your best bet may be to schedule a wine tour through a local company, or even through Horseshoe Bay!

Pedernales Falls State Park

Texas is home to a number of beautiful state and national parks. From Palo Duro Canyon to Big Bend the state boasts of natural beauty. Pedernales Falls State Park is a particularly beautiful part of the Hill Country and is perfect for a weekend of camping. Located just an hour north of San Antonio the views and wildlife are worth the trip. Named after the beautiful sight of the Pedernales River running over carved limestone, the park boasts many activities centering around the river. These include fishing, swimming, and tubing. For those looking to stay warm and dry, the park also boasts 10 miles of horse trails and 14 miles of backpacking trails. In addition, a number of unique natural attractions are located nearby.

Hamilton Pool is consistently featured on travel blogs, shows, and lists as swimming hole you simply must see at some point in your life. The water was originally part of an underground river, and the unique structure was created when the dome collapsed. The roof creates an awe-inspiring canopy and makes swimmers feel as if they are swimming in a cave as they swim under large stalactites. In addition to the swimming itself, the banks also create a calm natural beach for sunbathing and photographing alike. A day at Hamilton pool is a day well spent.

The Lyndon B Johnson National Historic Park is also located just a few miles from Pedernales Falls State Park. The Lyndon B Johnson National Historic Park is home to the infamous Johnson Ranch where President Johnson and “Lady Bird” spent a large amount of their time during his presidency. The ranch was jokingly named “The Texas White House” because of the Johnson’s affinity for getting away from Washington. The park is also home to Johnson City, which houses the birthplace and childhood home of our 36th President, along with the log cabin settlement of his grandparents.

No matter if you choose a romantic weekend in Fredericksburg, family fun at Lake LBJ, or a weekend of nature and history at Pedernales Falls State Park, the Texas Hill Country is home to incredible getaway options. If you want to live nearby, don’t be afraid to call one of our agents to ask a few questions!

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