Ten Things to Do in San Antonio This Weekend (November 4-6)

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One of the greatest benefits of living in San Antonio is the variety of “things” to see and do. In fact, there are so many San Antonio attractions and events on any given weekend that it can seem overwhelming to choose just one. In this series, all pressure is off! Ten fun things to do in San Antonio will be chosen each week to make researching for the next Friday celebration, date night, or family outing a little more simple.

  • 1.  See Literature Come to Life

The phenomenal play The Glass Menagerie, originally written by Tennessee Williams, will have you mesmerized the entire time. The story follows a unique family, fragile from turbulence and trouble. Playhouse San Antonio presents the play in its original form, without alterations to the original script; however, the playhouse will definitely manage to change your perception of this beloved “memory” play. Grab a ticket and see for yourself what everyone’s been talking about!

When: November 4, 5, 6, times here

Where: 800 W Ashby Place

  • 2.  Explore New Fashions

Fashion Week has officially arrived in San Antonio! The lineup is amazing and is sure to inspire you to explore the new fashions that are becoming popular. You have the option to buy individual tickets or passes to shows like Anthony Ryan (winner of Project Runway), a Dia de los Muertos inspired show, a beauty talk, and so much more from talented young fashion designers. Watch the trends come down the runway and get inspired with a new look that you can try out on your own. The talent is high this year, and you won’t want to miss out on all of the gorgeous clothes and accessories!

When: Official schedule here

Where: Varied locations (click schedule above)

  • 3.  Play At Night!

It’s a fun family night at the Botanical Garden! Come and explore the garden at night with flashlights! You’ll see the plants in an entirely new way as you wander through the organized maze. Bring a friend to stumble through the dark with. Kids have the option to listen to a story read aloud, and they can look at the beautiful stars with a telescope as they listen to an astronomer educate them on the sky. As temperatures cool down, the fun picks up! Make your way to the garden this weekend to experience a fun evening.

When: November 4 @6PM-8:30 PM

Where: San Antonio Botanical Garden (555 Funston Place)

  • 4.  Listen to the Classics

For all you classical music fans, the Tobin Center offers a memorable masterpiece this weekend with an ode to The “Organ” Symphony, originally done by Camille Saint-Saens. This beautiful arrangement is romantic and hypnotic. Stewart Copeland brings the piece to life and celebrates the percussion section as he captures the audience. You’ll love the classic sounds and mesmerizing music through the entire performance. The pieces featured will be Notre Dame- Entracte and Carnival Music, The Tyrant’s Crush and Symphony No. 3 in C minor.

When: November 4 & 5 @8PM

Where: HEB Performance Hall (100 Auditorium Circle)

  • 5.  Get a Slice

The new pizza chain, Mod Pizza, is now open in San Antonio! Aside from being a modern restaurant with décor, this pizza place has so much variety to offer! With fan favorites like the “Mad Dog,” “Caspian,” and “Pizza Salad,” you’ll be surprised by the bold flavors that flaunt themselves on each pizza. Even the cheese is unique with a blend of different cheeses. Salads, breadsticks, and hand-spun milkshakes make this new place feel like the perfect weekend spot. Try out the new location in town today!

When: Hours here

Where: 22026 US Highway 281 #105

  • 6.  Learn a New Skill

Former dairy farm, Hardberger Park, opens its gates to you this weekend for Dairy Days at the Voelcker Homestead. This day of learning includes a lesson on making a cornhusk doll, how to milk a cow, understanding windmills, and seeing bees and beekeepers at work. It’s the perfect chance to broaden your horizons and experience a new craft or learn a new skill. Additionally, the park is offering fitness in the park at 9:30 where moms can walk and push strollers as an exercise class. After the class, take the time to explore the grounds and acreage of the park as the weather cools down. Fall is the perfect time of year to spend time outdoors!

When: November 5 @10:00AM

Where: Phil Hardberger Park (13203 Blanco Road)

  • 7.  Get Positive Vibes

The Mexican pop sensation, Mana, is here in San Antonio for the Latino Power Tour! Known as the Spanish “U2”, this band has been around for ages and knows how to rock. Popular all over the world, Mana’s name means positive energy, and this is something that fans love and recognize. The band has several platinum records and hit songs that they will be playing in concert. Their hope is to empower people and empower Latin Americans. It’s going to be a sensational show filled with lots of energy, and of course, positive vibes.

When: November 4 @8PM

Where: AT&T Center (1 AT&T Center Parkway)

  • 8.  See Fancy Nancy

The beloved children’s book series, Fancy Nancy, offers laughter, life lessons, and fun plot developments. The Ballet Conservatory of South Texas attempts to bring this to life with the Fancy Nancy Bonjour Butterfly Ballet. Enthusiastic dancing, delightful music, and moments of comic relief will have you mesmerized with this fantastic display of the book series. Take the opportunity to upgrade to a VIP ticket, and you’ll receive a picture with Fancy Nancy, great seats, and a goodie bag! This performance is perfect for any young child and will keep them thoroughly entertained!

When: November 5 @3PM

Where: Laurie Auditorium at Trinity University (One Stadium Drive)

  • 9.  Tango Tonight

Join the Amniotic Fluid Embolism Foundation as they host Tango of the Vines, a celebration of the hill country’s diverse wines, brews, and cocktails. All proceeds support the AFE Foundation, and last year they raised over $70,000. Along with food and beverage tastings, there will be live tango dancers with live music to accompany them, a casino, and a silent auction. It’s a wonderful cause and a wonderful evening in support. The beautiful venue brings the evening to life, and you’ll enjoy all that Tango of the Vines has to offer!

When: November 4 @7PM

Where: Lambermont Events (950 East Grayson St.)

  • 10.  Run, Run, Run

The first Friday of every month offers a pub run! This month is no different, and it’s an experience that promises to bring good memories, fun, and allows you to meet new people. The rules are simple: leave all obnoxious behavior behind and come prepared (running shoes/clothes, driver’s license, cash or credit card). It’s definitely a fun evening and will lead you on a path of twelve different bars in the downtown area. For the full route, click here. Usually, each month comes with a theme, but November is theme-free! Come with a smile and a sense of fun, and you are bound to have a great run!

When: November 4 @6:30 PM

Where: Meet at Pat O’Briens (121 Alamo Plaza)  

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