Ten Things to Do in San Antonio This Weekend (May 27- 30)

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One of the greatest benefits of living in San Antonio is the variety of “things” to see and do. In fact, there are so many San Antonio attractions and events on any given weekend that it can seem overwhelming to choose just one. In this series all pressure is off! Ten fun things to do in San Antonio will be chosen each week to make researching for the next Friday celebration, date night, or family outing a little more simple. Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend as the kickoff to summer with these exciting activities happening all through the weekend!

  • 1.  Paint Like Monet

Monet is famous for his gorgeous watercolor landscapes and is widely known all over the world for his artistic ability. You too can learn to paint like Monet this weekend with a painting workshop that takes you step-by-step through the process of painting “Villas in Bordighera”. You’ll learn new techniques, get help with your color palette, and the venue offers wine by the glass or bottle to make the experience more relaxed and fun! Art supplies, instruction by the teacher, and snacks are all included in the $40 ticket price of this event. You’ll definitely want to purchase a ticket ahead of time to ensure your seat!

When: May 28 @12PM-2PM

Where: The Stray Grape Urban Winery (16630 San Pedro Ave)

  • 2. Grab Some Fresh Veggies

Memorial Weekend traditionally marks the kick-off to summer vacation. With summer comes backyard cookouts and the need for fresh summer vegetables. What better place to pick these up than the farmer’s market? Come experience the 78209 Farmer’s Market, appropriately named because of its zip code, and peruse the stands of fresh fruits, vegetables, and homemade items. This market is located near the Alamo Heights area of town. If you can’t make it this time, the good news is that it is open every Sunday!

When: May 29 @10AM-2PM

Where: 1800 Nacogdoches Road

  • 3.  Pay Tribute to Freedom

This weekend is the time to honor those who have served for our country and the Majestic Theatre is holding a concert entitled “Freedom Isn’t Free”. This patriotic concert will take you on the journey of one American patriot and the sacrifices that he made for our country. Come and experience the patriotism that this concert will undoubtedly bring through classic American songs that we all know and love. Best of all, tickets are absolutely free for this event!

When: May 27 @7PM-9PM

Where: The Majestic Theatre (224 East Houston Street)

  • 4.  Bike Through the Missions

Any San Antonio native is probably familiar with the four historic missions: Mission Concepcion, Mission San Jose, Mission San Juan, and Mission Espada; however, you may not be familiar with the wonderful bike trails that connect these four missions. Take time this weekend to rent a bike (or bring your own) and bike the mission trails in downtown San Antonio! The trails are about eight miles from start to finish and sixteen miles for a round trip. Take a break and stop at each mission for water and a little dose of history! It’s the perfect activity for a Saturday morning and provides a rich opportunity for you to learn more about San Antonio’s history and past.

When: Anytime

Where: Trail Map here

  • 5.  Seek A New Thrill

Fiesta Texas has new rides open for the 2016 season! The Fireball is a fast paced “rocket” that propels riders forward and backwards as they face each other. The ride suspends through a huge 7-story loop and will definitely provide a thrilling experience. The Hurricane Force 5 rotates clockwise and counter-clockwise on a giant disk and the Spinsanity is a new adaptation of the classic “Tilt-A-Whirl” ride. Come and experience these brand new rides this weekend! Additionally, Fiesta Texas is offering a Memorial Day sale and is giving discounted season ticket prices that allow you to visit all year and eat every time you visit! The sale for tickets ends May 30 so act quickly!

When: All Weekend, 10:30AM-9PM

Where: 17000 IH-10 West

  • 6.  Escape for a Day

The joy of a three-day weekend comes on Sunday evening when you realize that you don’t have to set an alarm clock and report in for work the next day. When that enjoyment arrives for you this weekend, head on over to the Aloft Hotel for Day Escape. The event is a fun party celebrating Memorial Day weekend. A DJ will be provided, dancing will happen all night, and $5 drinks are available. This is a proclaimed “mixer” for young people in San Antonio so that you can mix and mingle while meeting new people in the city. Enjoy your time off!

When: May 29 @4PM-9PM

Where: Aloft Hotel (838 Loop 410)

  • 7.  Enjoy Classical Music

In celebration of Memorial Day, the San Antonio Symphony is performing Handel’s Music for the Royal Fireworks. This masterpiece was originally composed by Handel to accompany King George II and his firework display that happened after a peace treaty was signed. The music will forever be associated with the end of war and peace, making it the perfect piece of classical music to play for this weekend. General admission tickets are only $30 for this event and the San Antonio Symphony is bound to give another outstanding performance.

When: May 29 @7PM

Where: San Fernando Cathedral (115 W. Main Plaza)

  • 8.  Walk the River and Shop

Stroll along the San Antonio River Walk and browse different handmade items to take home! Unique artisans will be selling everything from jewelry to pottery and there is bound to be something that can be added to your wardrobe or home. You’ll enjoy the beautiful river walk during the time and you can even pop in for a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants located along the water. The best part is that this boutique shopping experience lasts all weekend so you can be sure to find time and stop by!

When: May 27-May 30 @ 11AM-8PM

Where: All along the river walk

  • 9. Cool Off with the Best Snow on Earth

The weather is already hot and humid and summer hasn’t even begun! Cool off with a snow cone from Bahama Bucks this weekend and enjoy “the best snow on earth”! There are numerous locations all across San Antonio and fun flavors like wedding cake, cherry coke, key lime pie, and pink lemonade offer an enjoyable dessert that is unique and refreshing. Their extensive menu has something for everyone and they even feature sugar free flavors! It’s the perfect treat for a hot weekend.

When: All weekend, click here for different locations

Where: Click here for different locations

  • 10.  Drop A Letter of Love

San Antonio is joining in on the worldwide love letter dropping event known as The Great Love Drop. This event challenges everyone to write a love letter with the stationary shown here and drop it in the mail on May 29th. Ideally, millions of letters will be traveling across the world to reach different loved ones. It’s a simple thought that shares love to every area of the world and pushes people to take time to think about those people that are important in their lives. Join in on The Great Love Drop and represent San Antonio!

When: May 29th

Where: Anywhere

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