Ten Things to Do in San Antonio This Weekend (July 29-31)

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One of the greatest benefits of living in San Antonio is the variety of “things” to see and do. In fact, there are so many San Antonio attractions and events on any given weekend that it can seem overwhelming to choose just one. In this series, all pressure is off! Ten fun things to do in San Antonio will be chosen each week to make researching for the next Friday celebration, date night, or family outing a little more simple.

  • 1.  Blink Back to the Past

Remember how much you loved Blink 182 “back in the day”? This timeless band will evoke your nostalgia this weekend as they perform with All-American Rejects and A Day To Remember as special guests. Although the band has been around for a while, their new album is highly anticipated and promises to give you that punk pop that everyone loves and knows. While old tunes are to be expected, you can also prepare for new songs, including their latest single, “Bored To Death”. Get excited for this amazing concert at the AT&T Center!

When: July 30 @7PM

Where: AT&T Center (One AT&T Parkway)

  • 2.  Get A Girl’s Eye View

The UTSA Institute of Texan Cultures presents a new kind of art exhibit: one that empowers and examines the stories and lives of teenage girls. The girls involved in this particular show will tell their story through photography and poetry. You will get to see their documented community, heritage, daily lives, and unique perspective. This beautiful exhibit, Girl’s Eye View, promises a unique experience and allows the viewer to see life through a girl’s viewpoint. If you can’t make it this weekend, the exhibit will be ongoing until late October.

When: July 29-31 @9AM-5PM

Where: The Institute of Texan Cultures (801 E Cesar E Chavez Blvd)

  • 3.  Get Jazzed for Tap

Get ready for some jazzy music and some amazing tap! This will be a performance of rhythm and music together as tappers create beats to the outstanding music of the Mark Rubinstein Jazz Trio. Tap has been around as a style of dance for ages; however, it is not widely practiced and rarely praised. You’ll love this unique show as tappers exquisitely bring life to the jazz music by showcasing the beats and rhythm. Hurry and get your ticket now to ensure a spot for the show!

When: July 29 @8PM

Where: Jo Long Theatre for the Performing Arts (226 N Hackberry St.)

  • 4.  Move and Mellow Out

Looking for a way to sneak a little exercise into your weekend? Join in on Mindful Mornings at Maverick Plaza as instructors take you through the motions of yoga. This outdoor class offers a variety of levels ranging from beginner to advanced so that you may choose how much you’d like to be challenged. Yoga is the perfect activity to calm your mind and put your body at peace. Don’t miss out on this free morning of activity on Saturday morning!

When: July 30 @9AM-11AM

Where: Maverick Plaza (418 Villita Street)

  • 5.  See a San Antonio Film

The San Antonio Film Festival is currently going on, allowing you endless opportunities to see amazing and unique films right here in town. The festival showcases movies and films that are not widely popular, many of them containing a local San Antonio vibe. This weekend’s focus includes documentaries, shorts, black and whites, thrillers, and more! By attending the festival, you’re supporting creativity in the film business and recognition for some of these smaller films. Go for one film or go to see them all!

When: All weekend, see schedule here

Where: See schedule

  • 6.  Spice Up Your Life

Whether you’re Sporty Spice or Baby Spice, you can come out for a Spice Girls theme night at Japanese Shushi bar, Sukeban. The themed evening begins at 6PM and lasts until closing, making it easy for you to stop in for dinner or drinks. Cocktails will be named according to Spice Girls songs and you’ll even receive a free appetizer if you dress up as one of the Spice Girls! It’s a night set up for a blast from the past with this girl favorite band. Shimmy on over and spice up your life!

When: July 29 @6PM

Where: Sukeban (1420 South Alamo St.)

  • 7.  Attend A Comicon

The San Antonio Event Center is holding the annual Texas Comicon, a free event open to the public. If you like famous comic books or cult favorites like Star Wars, Star Trek, etc, this event is absolutely perfect for fans! Celebrities like Michael Dorn, Tony Todd, and Dirk Benedict will be present, some dressed in costume. Photo opportunities will be available and there are numerous different events, all themed in a particular way, whether its Star Trek or Pokemon. With events happening every hour, you’ll find yourself completely immersed! Come dressed in costume or come as yourself! Either way, we promise this event will have all Comicon fans satisfied at the end.

When: July 29-31, schedule here

Where: San Antonio Event Center (8111 Meadow Leaf)

  • 8.  Make Way for Mozart

The Mozart Festival was established in 2011 as a way to recognize world-class artists as they play and perform some of Mozart’s best works. The festival recognizes the composer’s genius and allows phenomenal musicians to play his compositions while paying tribute. This is a two-day event and you may choose to attend multiple performances or just one! It’s a great way to show your appreciation for classical music and be entertained by fabulous piano players, musicians, and even ensembles. This is a rare opportunity to attend and ticket prices are extremely reasonable!

When: July 29-August 6, click here for times

Where: University of the Incarnate Word (4301 Broadway St.)

  • 9.  Get Your Dose of Mexican Food

The San Antonio Mexican restaurant, El Mira Sol has been around since 1979. A few weeks ago, the restaurant opened a new location with a refreshed and modern building. While the menu is still the same authentic Mexican food and the service is still impeccable, the new location feels current and hip. Classics like the ceviche and crab tacos are the same even in a new spot. Test out the location for yourself and have a delicious frozen margarita to beat the heat! El Mira Sol is a San Antonio favorite that promises to leave your stomach full and happy.

When: This weekend, 11AM-10PM

Where: 10003 NW Military HWY, Suite 2107

  • 10.  Pay Tribute to Prince

Americans were shocked and struck by the death of the pop icon Prince. While his death is still recent, you can pay tribute to the legend and his music this weekend at the Brass Monkey. His famous albums incorporate stunning lyrics, quirky guitar, and intense pop. Come and watch Purple Rain this weekend and see the movie that showcases Prince’s life and story. All Prince fans are welcome to wear purple in honor of the pop star’s famous memory and the legacy he leaves behind. Best yet, this is a free event but get there early in order to grab a good seat.

When: July 29 @10PM-2AM

Where: The Brass Monkey (2702 N St. Mary’s)

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