San Antonio’s Most Walkable: Tobin Hill

In a culture largely dependent on automated transportation, walkable neighborhoods have become extremely desirable. Forfeiting a tank of gas for a pair of shoes pays off in a number of ways: those who walk usually weigh less, save on transportation costs, and feel a deeper connection with their community.

While San Antonio is still a largely car-dependent city, several vibrant, urban neighborhoods rank high in pedestrian friendliness, a factor that is expected to drive an increase in real estate value over the next 30 years.

Condo in Tobin Hill

Well manicured condos are perfect for the urban dweller.  Photo courtesy of Brendan Christensen.

Located just north of downtown, the Tobin Hill area is a mix of residential, commercial, and cultural space. Known for its creative, eclectic residents, this historical neighborhood has a wide variety of amenities within walking distance, complemented by lots of pedestrian-friendly sidewalks and streets.

Coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and drugstores are all nearby, along with cultural attractions like the Pearl Brewery Complex, Saturday Farmers Market, San Antonio College, and more. On average, residents of Tobin Hill can walk to an average of 4 restaurants, bars and coffee shops in 5 minutes. Public transport also makes this neighborhood easy to navigate without a car. 9 bus lines pass through Tobin Hill, making it easy to reduce your carbon footprint on a daily basis. Also adding to the earth-friendly vibe are extensive bike lanes.

Newer condo developments reflect the eclectic vibe of Tobin Hill.  Photo courtesy of Lori Campos.

Apartments and condos like Car Plant Apartments, 1800 Broadway, and French Place provide an urban, upscale home experience. The relatively low cost of living in Tobin Hill means you can rent for as low as $550, or can soar up to $2,000 monthly for luxury amenities. In addition, lots of diverse homes, both new and historical, are available for rent or purchase, mostly in the $200,000-$400,000 range. Thriving and eclectic, the Tobin Hill neighborhood offers personality and history along with excellent walkability.

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