San Antonio’s Most Wanted: Luxury Home Amenities

Many options for luxury living are available. If you have the funds, you can have the home of your dreams with all the luxury amenities that come with it. Although these homes are expensive, they provide their owners with the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

According to a survey by®, the two amenities luxury home shoppers want most are sprawling, scenic views, and a chef’s kitchen.   Additionally, luxury homebuyers desire square footage with an open floor plan. Of course, in San Antonio, and especially around the nearby Hill Country, the views are not hard to find and neither is a home with vast square footage and an open floor plan!  But often, luxury buyers want unique amenities custom to them.  We set out to find the top amenities luxury buyers are looking for in today's real estate search.  What we came up with is seven of the most requested items San Antonio luxury buyers look for.

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1. A Private, Exclusive, Location

Many of those seeking a luxury home desire private, expansive property. No longer is it important to have a showplace others admire as they drive by. Today’s luxury home buyer prefers a sheltered oasis, perhaps with a long drive leading to their hidden home, where they can wind down and relax.  Many neighborhoods, such as the esteemed Dominion and Cordillera Ranch, offer these exclusive properties, albeit at a premium!


2. Outdoor Living Areas with Kitchens and Pools

Once a family is in that private oasis, an outdoor kitchen and eating area becomes an absolute must. Awnings, decks, and specially designed furniture make the area usable nearly year-round. Built-ins include a sink and food preparation area, a gas grill, and a small refrigerator for keeping food and drink cold. Seating is not only available close to the food prep area, but also around the yard, providing views of various garden features. Of course, families with small children need a place for the kiddos to play too, therefor, many luxury buyers like to have access to an outdoor fenced playground with swing set and plenty of safe space to run and play.

The outdoor living area for a luxury home also includes water – swimming pools, hot tubs, and fishponds – with water features such as waterfalls and slides for swimming pools. Screened in swimming pools and cabanas provide privacy, shade, allow nearly year-round swimming, and make pool use and maintenance easier. While many homes in San Antonio have had these items added onto their home over the years, many luxury builders offer these amenities standard!

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3. Places for Exercise and Play

The well-heeled homeowner wants a place to play and exercise inside as well as outside. Home gyms and multi-purpose activity rooms provide space for homeowners to work out and pursue hobbies and sports. Some of the amenities we have seem for this type of luxury buyer includes:

  • Sauna
  • Indoor pool/ hot tub
  • Game room
  • Theater
  • Sports bar with big screen television and liquor storage
  • Playroom for children

The goal is to create a space where the homeowners have everything they want within the walls of their own home and on their property.

4. Environmental and Technological Innovations

Amenities luxury homebuyers want follow the current trends of being technologically sophisticated. Buyers want the ability to simply touch a button to control security, climate, and lights, even when they are away from their home.  An absolute must for many luxury buyers in San Antonio is that remote access to security.  Luxury home owners want to know that their home is protected- and what better way than to be able to monitor the home than from an iPhone?!

At the same time, these buyers are aware of environmental concerns and look for the use of natural and reclaimed materials. Wood and stone floors are popular, as are natural fibers for carpets and draperies. Luxury homes often feature reclaimed massive wood doors. Landscaping makes use of native plants that need little care and survive without frequent watering.

5. Chef’s Kitchen

Many luxury homebuyers want a fully stocked kitchen with commercial grade appliances. Convenience is key, and buyers are asking for warming drawers, a wine fridge, a walk-in pantry, and seating for friends and family during meal preparation. Islands with seating at one end are popular, as are multiple sinks for cleaning and rinsing dishes, and preparing vegetables and other foods.


6. Bathrooms

A luxury home has multiple bathrooms, one for guests, one for each bedroom, and a master bath with the look and feel of a hotel spa. Buyers look for a master bath with a walk in shower and a separate soaker tub. Showers and tubs equipped with water jets are popular. Buyers also look for towel warmers, floors with radiant heat (yes, even in the South Texas climate), double sinks, and ample storage for towels, cosmetics, and other toiletries.


7. Opulent Master Bedroom

Luxury means a bedroom that is for more than simply sleeping. Large, open space provides for a massive bed, nightstands, and a seating area with a couch and chairs. The technology mentioned previously should provide automated lighting and climate control. Owners of these luxury homes should be able to open and close shades and window coverings with a touch of a button. Additionally, buyers like the ability to wander out into the garden or onto their own private patio with a place to sit and relax for a light breakfast, late supper, or a glass of wine.

The master bedroom should have more than a traditional walk-in closet. Buyers want a massive area for storing clothing year round without the need to pack and store seasonal items. Many buyers are looking for this walk-in storage area to have custom shelving and drawers. Racks for neckties and shelves for accessories such as purses and shoes are desirable. This area should include a roomy dressing area with mirrors and plenty of light. 

Although each person and family has a different idea of what luxurious living is, most would say it is having a home that meets all of your needs – physically, psychologically, and emotionally. Although we have listed some of the most popular luxury amenities, there may be some on your personal list we have not mentioned:

  • Retirees looking at luxury homes often want ease of access. This may include fewer stairs, floor surfaces that will not cause one to slip or trip, and even an elevator.
  • Many buyers feel a home is not luxurious unless it has a grand entryway. These buyers look for a large, two-story staircase in an open, well-lit entrance hall.
  • An expansive, airy open floor plan is another luxury amenity many homeowners desire.

Nearly ¼ of today’s buyers are looking for luxury amenities when purchasing a new home. Luxury is not only a look, but also a feeling. As such, viewing several luxury properties will help you decide which amenities are important to provide you the luxurious lifestyle you want.  Ready to start looking?  Great, we have specialized luxury agents waiting for you.

Pre-approval:An assessment given by the lender that investigates the borrower

Mortgage:A contract that represents the debt owed by the borrower to the lender for the money borrowed to purchase a property.

buyer:An economic downturn when buyers have the advantage.

buyer:A temporary agreement where the buyer will reside in the property before closing.

buyer:the agent that represents and guides the best wishes of the buyer in a business transaction, as either an individual agent or as a broker

built-ins:Appliances or other amenities that are built into a home and are therefore permanent.

access:The right to enter a land through public route; also may include entering the land from another private land.

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