Outside the Box: 7 Unique San Antonio Homes

If you’ve ever looked at homes in San Antonio, you know that we have a distinct style of housing. Often made out of brick, stucco, and siding, our homes generally look like this:


Or this:

428 Cactus Flower


Or even this:


But while these styles are the norm in the SA town, there are several unique homes that dot the city (and the surrounding areas!). These are the homes that dare to be different; the ones that are described as “the purple house on the corner”, or “the contemporary with all the windows”. They are the homes in which, instead of telling people the address of their home, the owner would instead say, “just look for the one that looks like a tree house.“

Sure, we’d all like to think that our house looks unique in some way or another, but these homes truly display a unique appeal that challenges the norms of San Antonio’s housing stock- and we love it. From non-standard exterior color choices to outside-the-box architecture, here are seven of San Antonio’s most unique houses.

105 Spruce St

We’re not sure if it’s the yellow door, or the green paint, or the adorable picket fence that makes this home look like something out of Pixar movie, but somehow, it does. But it’s not just the exterior of this home that is unique. With amazing tall ceilings, an artistic modern design, and original exposed walls, this is not your run of the mill home. As an added bonus, this home offers impressive views of downtown skylines and the Tower of the Americas, while appealing to the urban lifestyle so many are seeking.

128 Panama Ave

If it seems like the trend of our unique San Antonio houses tend to be located in the downtown area, you would be right. Why? Because many of the homes in this area are older, giving them an opportunity to be added onto, renovated, repainted, and customized over many, many years. The result: a one of a kind home with an interesting flavor. Take for example this Lavaca bungalow. A two story home recently updated with ceramic tile, but left with a refinished original wood floor, it has been customized with new cabinets, butcher block countertops with a glass tile backsplash, and paint. Also boasting high ceilings, two bedrooms downstairs, two bedrooms upstairs, and lots of charm (I mean, seriously, LOOK at that charm!), this unique home is sure to find a loving owner quickly.

727 Private Road 1508

Okay, so this home isn’t in San Antonio, but do we really need to explain why we chose it as a unique home for the area? Just looking at it, you can tell it is different from most homes we see on a day to day basis. Aside from the fact that it has a garage on both sides of the home, it has three stories, extra high, vaulted wooden ceilings, a fireplace in the middle of a wall, an upper-level patio, and an auxiliary kitchen. Not that these assets alone are extraordinarily unique, but put them all together in a 2,273 square foot home, and you’ve got yourself quite the combination.

44 Tramore

When you start exploring homes that are in the $1m+ range, it's not uncommon to see unique features. But this absolutely stunning home is an eye-catching modern contemporary masterpiece. A six bedroom, seven and a half bathroom (no, that isn’t a typo…) retreat, the spacious and open flowing floorplan is exquisitely laid out for entertaining and luxurious living. In addition to the contemporary architecture, the home presents an owner's retreat with a private entrance to the backyard pool and hot tub, a beautiful gantry walkway, full maids quarters, a four car garage, and an expansive covered patio and cool decking. Don’t know what a “gantry” and “cool decking” is? Let us help: a gantry is a bridgelike overhead structure with a platform. This:

Cool decking is a coating that enhances the look concrete pool decks while reducing heat build-up. Sounds interesting (and necessary) to us!

259 Harwood Dr

This Cresthaven Heights home has quite the interesting façade. It appears to be a combo of ranch and Cape Cod styles, and it very well may be as the description on MLS just calls it “traditional.” Also, it’s blue (well, periwinkle). And completely adorable. Totally renovated and ready to be someone's new pride and joy, the home offers an impressive interior. No carpet (hardwood and ceramic tile flooring), a large third bedroom that could be used for separate living, and a brand new kitchen? Yes, please!

6 Davenport Ln

Yes, this is a home in the Dominion, and yes, we know that many homes in this incredible community are unique. But this one is (more?) unique for a few reasons. A. The color. B. The price tag ($3.5 million). C. The fact that it looks very much like a historic mansion, yet was built in 2004. We could go on and on about the items that make this particular Dominion home stand out, but instead, we’ll outline some other features we think are pretty awesome.

Olmos Park style residing behind the Mansion Gates at The Dominion, this home presents a hilltop presence with exceptional views, and glamor galore. From perfectly selected chandeliers to art walls, a private bar, media room, guest apartment, elevator, and much more, we think it’s safe to say that anyone would enjoy the grounds with space to entertain intimately or in grand fashion.

5419 Ranger Creek Rd

Ok, ya’ll, we know this looks like a hotel or an apartment complex, but we assure you this is a single family home. As one of the most expensive homes on the San Antonio area housing market, this home is unique in that it is simply amazing. Luxury, entertainment, endless panoramic views of the Hill Country, privacy, 18 garage spaces, 13,500+ square feet (in the main house), the list goes on and on. And on. Want to know more? It also has a wine room, two-tiered waterfall pool, and state of the art A/V systems. Oh yeah, and exotic wildlife on the property. If this doesn’t scream different, we are sure what does! 

While San Antonio homes can often be predicted to look similar in many ways, there are several homes throughout the city that march to the beat of their own drummer, offering a unique vibe and an appeal unlike any other.  Looking for your own little piece of different?  Search for homes in San Antonio now!  Already found a home but don't know what to do next?  Talk to a lender about a mortgage! Don't know where to begin?  Download our (free) Complete Guide to Buying a Home in San Antonio!

Pre-approval:An assessment given by the lender that investigates the borrower

Mortgage:A contract that represents the debt owed by the borrower to the lender for the money borrowed to purchase a property.

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