#KWQ10: Talking Construction and Success with John Bratton

This month we recognize John Bratton as our rising star. Proclaiming to have always had a passion for real estate, Bratton has been in the industry in more ways than one. Once called “the best builder on the planet” by Discovery Channel CEO, John Hendricks, Bratton is no stranger to the idea that hard work backed by passion and energy can be one of the biggest components to success. Parlaying the energy he once exerted into homebuilding to now helping clients buy and sell real estate, Bratton has been recognized as one of real estate’s newest top-producers. With a volume of 14 units written, nearly $4 million in home sales, and the title of highest producing new agent, all within the past year, Bratton has made it quite clear that the business model he used in his prior career clearly translates well to his newest career.

Q1: What did you do before real estate?

I spent 27 years building a construction company and creating legendary homes.

Q2: How did you choose KW?

I heard about Keller Williams Heritage and City view from my aunt, Arabella Dalton, for quite some time. Decisively, through out the last few years she was ecstatic about being a part of KWH. When I made the decision to check out KWH, I was first introduced to Craig Owen. After one and a half hours with Craig, I knew this would be my home and a great working family. The support system seemed very professional and accountable.

Q3: What has been your biggest challenge so far?

I am the type that will make a mistake but immediately learn from it and let myself start over the next day with better direction and improved knowledge. It is the roller coaster that you ride daily with your clients’ emotions that has made it harder to acclimatize into real estate. It is rare to have two consecutive days that are serene. I do not ever take anything, but I could make a fortune if I put a Valium dispensers in all the real estate offices across America.

Q4: What has been your biggest reward so far?

Growing up in the country, you acquire a learned need to help your neighbors and others. Until 2007, I had 180 employees in a construction company. There were always a few employees that needed and deserved a little help that I could provide through mentoring. I did not realize how much this was a part of me until I no longer had the company. Real Estate has again given me that opportunity. It is a real blessing to know that you have ethically protected and served someone who needed your help and guidance.

Q5: What has been the biggest benefactor in your success?

Real Estate is not easy! I was fortunate to be taught great work habits as a child. Beyond that, it has helped tremendously to have such a great management team to learn from, lean on, or draw renewed energy from. Our executive team members are so energetic, compassionate, and unequivocal that I can not help but feel that I will succeed. I feel safer stretching my limits with Hank there to protect and scrutinize my work. I have to add that between Gene Rivers and Craig Owen, as an example, I have set high goals that I will reach!

Q6: Where do you find inspiration?

First and foremost from Craig, my family, and my clients. My family gives me encouragement with their enthusiasm and unshakable understanding of what it takes to succeed in the beginning. I am a self motivator 12 hours a day, but it was a real revelation to find something outside of construction where I could be creative, that would be stimulating, and would give me the feeling of accomplishment .

Q7: What is your favorite thing about San Antonio?

Our family moved to SA in the mid 1800's, so I love the history that permeates the city. You still have that small city feel even though SA has a population of 1,300,000. I have to say the best thing about SA is it is only 60 miles from Kerrville where I live!

Q8: Name one thing we might not know about you.

I have been very successful but I have also started over financially three times in my life. The crash of '84, the recession of 1990 and the crash of 2008. I feel like real estate opens the door and lays out the path for anyone who wants to be successful, and treats it as a real, corporate business, is always ethical, accountable, respectful, responsible and treats every interaction with urgency.

Q9: What is your favorite restaurant?

Palenque Grill on 1604

Q10: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Not in the mirror, I have already grown to old. Seriously, I know I will be selling real estate. I have a great family and I enjoy life, so besides selling over $25 million a year, I do not see a lot of changes.

Pre-approval:An assessment given by the lender that investigates the borrower

Mortgage:A contract that represents the debt owed by the borrower to the lender for the money borrowed to purchase a property.

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