KW San Antonio: A Mission, a Culture, a Business, a Family

“From the outside looking in you can’t understand it. From the inside looking out you can’t explain it.” – Author Unknown

The perception that all real estate brokerages and Realtors® are the same is a common sentiment to people on the outside of the business and even to some on the inside. But with the motto, “To build careers worth having, businesses worth owning, and lives worth living,” Keller Williams agents believe with everything they have that the culture of this particular brokerage is what sets it apart from all others in the industry.

On the list of National Top Workplaces, based solely on employee feedback of over half a million survey responses, Keller Williams ranked number one based on its overall culture and high levels of organizational health including training, benefits, compensation, and work-life balance. “It’s not just about business or money”, says Susan Shuemate, one of the culture chairs for KW San Antonio. “ It’s about giving back, being there for each other, and promoting the company culture.” Put simply, it’s a successful company because the employees believe in it.

Nearly 700 KW brokerages in total, the 2 that make up KW San Antonio exude this culture and live by it daily. Inside the company, transparency, sharing and peer teaching is core to the company’s success and culture. The experts and top-producers within the brokerage teach classes, and share their secrets with peers on a regular basis, forming a community rather than a dog-eat-dog atmosphere. From the moment you commit to KW, the company and associates give you the model and the tools to succeed every step of the way. Modeled from the top down, the mentality of “a rising tide raises all ships” is seen and felt every day.

But it’s not just education, training, and business that makes KW San Antonio a beacon of light in the world of real estate brokerages. When you ask real estate agents why they made the move to Keller Williams Realty or why they continue to run their real estate business here, chances are they will answer with two simple words: the culture. The KW culture is one of respect and integrity, challenging themselves and their colleagues in a productive and meaningful way.

A group of agents take a break at the annual golf tournament.

With events dedicated to fulfilling the culture of the brokerage such as Red Day, family picnics, annual award banquets, monthly birthday celebrations, Thanksgiving luncheons, family Halloween Parties, Golf Tournaments, and Christmas Parties, KW San Antonio digs in deep and captures your heart. “We aren’t a place where employees just pass each other in the halls,” says Shuemate. “We are an office that thrives on fellowship and the support of one another.” But it doesn’t stop there. Programs put in place to promote the values of KW, such as KW Wellness, Hearts and Hands, Agents Helping Agents, and the ALC are just a few examples of how this market center goes above and beyond for the agents that have chosen to do business there. Additionally, the philanthropy that KW San Antonio provides at a national level, a local level, and an office level have touched thousands of lives through the continuing generosity of Keller Williams associates.

Roslyn Casey, recipient of The Eagle Award (2014) poses with VP and Co-owner of the San Antonio Keller Williams’ franchise, Craig Owen.

A lot of companies say they function as a family, KW San Antonio really does. Guiding them every day in how they conduct business, they support one another in achieving goals and celebrating the accomplishment of milestones. In fact, to celebrate both the character of the agents as well as their accomplishments, the annual awards banquet will be held at the end of February and is expected to have at least 400 agents in attendance. Events such as this one and the numerous others encourage growth and self-discovery while having fun in the process. And if you need a helping a hand, there is always one- or two- ready to help out.

Pre-approval:An assessment given by the lender that investigates the borrower

Mortgage:A contract that represents the debt owed by the borrower to the lender for the money borrowed to purchase a property.

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