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Living in San Antonio is truly the best of both worlds: city culture and amenities combined with the beauty of the Texas Hill Country. San Antonio rests on the cusp of the most coveted part of the Texas landscape, meaning its residents get to enjoy scenic views and gorgeous close-by vacation spots. But while some would prefer to live in the city and escape to the countryside, others prefer the opposite! If you’d rather live in the Texas Hill Country with quick access to San Antonio perks, you’re in luck: several outlying San Antonio towns have that quintessential Hill Country feel you’re looking for. Below, we’ve outlined three great outlying destinations...whether you’re looking for a vacation home, a permanent residency, or simply a quick getaway.


Location: 30 miles north of Downtown San Antonio via I-10

Boerne truly offers a piece of the Texas Hill Country unlike any other! Established over 150 years ago by German immigrants, this scenic spot on the Cibolo creek quickly began to flourish. Boerne’s remarkably preserved historical buildings prove this to be true, showcasing beautiful stone buildings and European-style architecture. The unique fusion of German heritage with Texan culture has created an extraordinary culture.

Early on, the beauty surrounding the town led to its status as a relaxing getaway destination. This is no surprise considering the variety of plants, waterfronts, and wildlife in the Boerne area. Boerne boasts an active outdoor culture with multiple trails, parks, water activities, and a nationally acclaimed Nature Center. From the sparkling Cibolo Creek, which runs right through downtown, to the Guadalupe State Park 15 minutes away, Boerne is home to vibrant wildflowers, strong trees, and abundant wildlife.

While Boerne is indeed a wellspring of natural beauty, several modern features provide an upscale atmosphere. Local wine bars, acclaimed cuisine, cultural arts events, art galleries, and an impressive array of festivals offer entertainment and luxury. The people of Boerne have a deep pride in their town and place a high value on family, a trait that is manifested in the outstanding local school districts and high median income.

Overall, Boerne provides modern amenities and culture while still retaining the character and integrity of an authentic Hill Country town. Its location provides it with a unique combination of attractive urban amenities and small-town charm. Buying a Boerne home is an excellent choice for people who want the appeal of the Hill Country without sacrificing city fun.


Location: 71 miles northwest of San Antonio via I-10 and US 87

Fredericksburg is known for a unique fusion of Texan and German heritage. Famous for its peaches, vineyards, towering oak trees, and classic Hill Country views, Fredericksburg is a destination for Texans and non-Texans alike!

The charm of Fredericksburg doesn’t wait to begin until you hit the city limits. This incredible area boasts scenery and views that spread for miles outside the town, making it a cozy nest amidst rolling hills, craggy bluffs, and towering oak trees. No matter where your home is located in Fredericksburg, you’re sure to be surrounded by scenic views. The Pedernales river, a tributary of the Colorado river, ribbons through the area, providing welcome relief from the Texas heat. Enchanted Rock State Natural Area is popular for hiking, camping, and caving as well. Overall, the charming atmosphere of Fredericksburg is complemented perfectly by an abundant supply of natural beauty.

No matter how you like to spend your free time, Fredericksburg has you covered. Besides outdoor recreation, Fredericksburg possesses a popular and unique shopping culture. Whether you’re wandering through the historic downtown district, enjoying fine dining at an acclaimed local eatery, sipping from a winery or brewery, or attending a cultural arts event, you’ll soon see that this Hill Country town has a lot to offer.

Besides gorgeous landscape and shopping, this city also possesses a commitment to excellence that has led to a prosperous, sustainable community, from education to area employers. Fredericksburg’s public and private schools alike have earned academic recognition from the state of Texas. Overall, the beauty and fun of Fredericksburg is backed by diversity and quality. Fredericksburg truly offers a piece of Texas unlike any other.

New Braunfels/Gruene

Location: 32 miles north of the Downtown San Antonio via I-35

Over the course of New Braunfels history, this town has served as a central point of business, growth, and culture in the San Antonio area. New Braunfels possesses an increasingly rich and diverse community of residents, continuing at an unprecedented growth rate!

Also located within the New Braunfels city limits is the small village of Gruene, TX. Gruene, a Texas Historic Landmark, is a popular local and tourist destination! The historic atmosphere includes local shops and boutiques, The Gristmill, and the famous Gruene Hall. Gruene Hall has been officially named the oldest dance hall and music venue in Texas, boasting famous patrons like George Strait and Lyle Lovett. Gruene Hall still reigns as an internationally acclaimed music venue, attracting tourists and popular artists alike.

Located at the intersection of both the Comal and Guadalupe Rivers, New Braunfels is home to some of the best tubing, boating, and water activities in Texas. Canyon Lake and Landa Lake also contribute to New Braunfels’ distinct aquaculture with beautiful kayaking, canoeing, fishing, scuba diving, etc.

Besides the natural waterfronts, fun-filled experiences await at Schlitterbahn, Texas Ski Park, and the Natural Bridge Caverns. New Braunfels also proudly home to 48-acre Landa Park, which boasts an Olympic-sized pool, a picturesque swimming hole, and an 18-hole golf course. On the other end of the spectrum, New Braunfels offers tons of local specialty shops, boutiques, antique treasure troves, and close proximity to the huge San Marcos outlet mall.

If you’re looking to settle down in the Hill Country without sacrificing proximity to your favorite San Antonio treasures, you can see that you have quite a few good options! Boerne, Fredericksburg, and New Braunfels offer charming communities that move at a slower, more scenic pace. Be sure to watch for our next blog about Texas Hill Country towns close to the Alamo city! 

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