A Texas Hill Country Take on Contemporary Housing

Finished about two years ago for a unique home enthusiast, the home at 28565 Verde Mountain Trail was built to impress. Using a friend who is an architect, the current owner began the journey of building this home mid 2011. For 16 months every aspect of the home was planned and executed with acute attention to detail. From carving out the sides of the hill it is perched upon, to bringing in boulders to create retaining walls, it was months before the pouring of the foundation was even a thought. Once all the pre-construction inspections were completed, it was time for the true craftsmanship to begin. A floating interior staircase, windows placed strategically for breathtaking views, and specialty woodwork throughout the home only begin to describe all the unique custom features throughout the home. “My client is a woodworker,” says selling agent Kevin Best. “He wanted to add a personal touch so he brought in some of the wood and did some incredible specialty woodwork.” One of the rooms benefitting from the owner’s woodworking skills is the incredible kitchen, which also features Bastogne Walnut cabinetry and high-end appliances. While it is difficult to find Bastogne readily available, not only does the kitchen in this home boast of it, every bathroom in the home features cabinets made of it as well.

With luxurious touches added throughout each building phase, including herringbone marble floors and 1850s reclaimed longleaf pine ceiling and slat walls, the four-bedroom, four and a half bathroom house sitting atop 6+ acres is perhaps most notable for its 360 degree hill top views. “This client has very unique taste,” says Best, “but he also has incredible vision. The views that he included in the plans when adding the windows are spectacular.” Built in an attempt to bring the outdoors inside, visually speaking, each vantage point throughout the home has a 20+ mile view of the famed Texas Hill Country. “It’s amazing”, adds Best. “Every window looks like a painting.”

Besides the gorgeous views this home offers, the property also features the unique appeal of its extremely modern design. Inside the home, one of the most admired features of the home is a floating staircase, made of treads brought in from a large Claro Walnut log, and steel crafted off site in New York. Additionally, the slat ceilings and garage doors are vertical grain Tiger wood. And while not an interior feature of the main home, the additional 2,400 square feet detached garage with five over sized doors for the potential car collector or hobbyist, is certainly worth mentioning.

In addition to the modern interior features and stunning exterior elevation, the landscaping and outdoor amenities add to the unique quality of the property. Surrounded by native Texas plantings, mush of the property is easy to maintain in the southern climate. Even easier to maintain is the simple, yet well-appointed backyard living space. The very contemporary pool, situated perfectly within the space to enjoy sunset views from within, was extremely well thought out, with mother of pearl and sea glass inside so it reflects light through the water day and night. As an added bonus, this luxurious outdoor space is surrounded by both xeriscaping and the most low maintenance landscaping available- turf.

With such a stunning property it’s difficult to understand why anyone would want to sell. “My client enjoys building homes that are unique; it’s of a hobby of his,” mentions Best. And as many hobbies go, when one project is complete, it becomes time to move on to the next. “This home has captivated him and has been a breath of fresh air for the last few years. Now it’s time for him to move on and for someone else to enjoy the property.”   

Pre-approval:An assessment given by the lender that investigates the borrower

Mortgage:A contract that represents the debt owed by the borrower to the lender for the money borrowed to purchase a property.

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