Sleek Lines and Electric Blue: A Contemporary Masterpiece in the Hill Country

It’s hard to take “just one” look at 9703 Autumn Canyon. From its stunning exterior to its sleek silhouette and definitively “California” landscaping, this Robare custom home is nothing shy of “one-of-a-kind”...especially considering its Hill Country setting.

Nestled on the outskirts of San Antonio (just a stone’s throw from Leon Springs), 9703 Autumn Canyon’s thoughtful details and striking appearance exemplify the very definition of luxury contemporary design.

What is contemporary design?

A design style that is constantly evolving (and often nods to a combination of several classic styles), contemporary design is at the forefront of interior innovation. Intricate details are often discarded in favor of clean, unadorned spaces and a minimalist aesthetic. According to Interior Blogger Natalie Marchbanks, “Contemporary decorating, at its best, is all about clean-lined comfort.”

Take a step inside 9703 Autumn Canyon, and you’ll see what we mean…

Distinct Architecture

As a style that discards extra “fluff” in favor of “simple” and “striking”, contemporary architecture is immediately recognizable. Free from heavy ornamentation and marked by flat rooflines, large overhangs, and creative door and window design, 9703 Autumn Canyon allows for plenty creative touches. Plus...look at that Hill Country view!

Clean Lines

The key to contemporary architecture lies in “keeping it clean.” Outlined in sleek, rectilinear lines that feel lightweight and elegant, this style is able to stay angular without feeling heavy or sterile. To complement these long, soaring silhouettes, 9703 Autumn Canyon boasts natural materials like wood, glass, and rock (as well as soft furniture accents like leather and wool).

Pops of Color

Sleek lines and neutral colors can end up looking drab if you don’t break them up with vibrant pops of color. (Thankfully, this one-of-a-kind, electric blue staircase really does the trick in this case!) We obviously still recommend opting for subtle colors in most lighting fixtures, textiles, and wall colors, but a few unique statement accents will truly make your contemporary masterpiece stand out.

Open Floor Plan

To accommodate all the sprawling features of contemporary homes, an open floor plan is key. Rather than the traditional separated spaces for dining, gathering, and relaxing, contemporary floor plans tend to be fluid and uniting, creating one grand living experience. 9703 Autumn Canyon is no exception, stretching its 4,500 square feet interior over 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, 2 half-baths, and a plethora of gorgeous common space on every level.

Light & Airy

Perhaps the most iconic, romantic contemporary design element is its penchant for huge windows, soaring ceilings, and oh-so-much natural light. Effortlessly welcoming in its Hill Country surroundings, 9703 Autumn Canyon features stunning statement windows and strategic recessed lighting that always make it feel like the outside is pouring in (sans heat and bugs, of course). Light and airy, this feature makes 9703 Autumn Canyon easy to fall in love with.

Located on a one-acre lot in The Canyons at Scenic Loop (a gated community offering gorgeous Hill Country homesites with “unspoiled views”), 9703 Autumn Canyon is a contemporary masterpiece that stands framed against the rolling landscape...yet still lies within access to shopping, entertainment, and amenities of the city. Additionally, kids in this neighborhood are zoned to the envied Northside ISD, one of the top ten districts in San Antonio!

If you’re interested in purchasing this house, you can get in touch with listing agent Scott Malouff here! Or, if this doesn’t fit the bill, but you’re looking for another unique luxury property more your speed, we would love to help you along the way. We’ll provide you with our exclusive SA Buyer’s Guide, connect you with a lender, and match you with the perfect agent to make your search for the right home as seamless as possible.

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