20 Surprising Facts About March Madness, The Alamodome, and SA Sports Fans

Think you know what the Final Four is all about?

San Antonio has hosted Final Four tournaments before, but it’s looking like the 2018 setup is taking things to a whole new level. From world-class musicians to insanely weird NCAA traditions, these facts may surprise you!

Image Courtesy of the official @finalfour Instagram

1. The NCAA is very particular about what stadiums can host the Final Four. The host must be a domed stadium with seating for at least 70k (meaning only about 10 facilities in the country are eligible!).

2. The March Madness Music Festival lineup has just been announced! The massive celebration of all things pop culture is taking place at Hemisfair Park over Final Four weekend, featuring headliners Imagine Dragons and Maroon 5.

3. The NCAA is “going green.” As of January 2018, the San Antonio Final Four has been recognized as official “Verde Level” event (the highest level of San Antonio’s Green Events Ordinance).

4. Considering San Antonio’s reputation for housing some of the most passionate sports fans in the nation, this tournament is sure to be humming with energy.

5. If you lined the Alamodome seats up side-by-side, they would stretch over 25 miles.

6. Over 3,000 volunteers are expected for the 2018 Final Four! (Click here if you’re interested in volunteering.

7. The most recent prediction (by economist Steve Nivin) estimates an economic impact of $185 million...almost a 400% increase from 2008!

Image Courtesy of the official @finalfour Instagram

8. The Alamodome’s improvements ($43 million worth) will include expanded concourses, improved interior technology, and an expanded seating capacity of 70,000 (almost double that of the 2008 tournament!).

9. The outrageously high volume of visitors (over 90k) well-exceeds the Alamodome’s capacity! It seems that folks are headed to the Alamo City purely for the sports-fueled atmosphere.

10. No matter how lucky you’re feeling, the odds of choosing a perfect bracket are nearly impossible: 9.2 quintillion to one (according to UMKC math lecturer Ari Bavel). That means you’re more likely to get crushed by a vending machine or become President of the United States than pick the perfect bracket. Sorry, y’all.

12. Employee bonding may equal company loss...according to sources, $6.3 Billion corporate losses are due to unproductive workers during March Madness.

Image Courtesy of the official @finalfour Instagram

13. The amount wagered on March Madness is double that of the Super Bowl.

14. Past March Madness Music Festival headliners have included Aerosmith, The Chainsmokers, Bruce Springsteen, The Zac Brown Band, Kenny Chesney, Fergie, Rihanna, and Kings of Leon.

15. Tickets to the Final Four ain’t cheap. Right now, the cheapest all-session tickets start around $250 and skyrocket well above $5,000 (one suite is listed for over $85k!).

16. Apparently, sports fans are strategic with their recovery time. According to urologists across the country, scheduled vasectomies spike as much as 50% over Final Four weekend. Way to turn your vasectomy into a binge-watching-basketball, gentlemen.

17. This isn’t the Alamo City’s first run at the Final Four! San Antonio hosted the famous tournament in 1994, 1998, 2004, and 2008.

Image Courtesy of the official @finalfour Instagram

18. The Final Four has invited local schools to take part in a “Read to the Final Four” challenge by accumulating “reading minutes”. The winning school will score themselves a $5,000 library makeover!

19. Committed to “leaving a legacy for all communities that host a championship,” the NCAA is helping to fund the “i play! afterschool” program in Harlandale and San Antonio school districts! The program fuses sports with character-building and nutrition.

20. Besides receiving international fame and glory, being the winning Final Four team apparently earns you all sorts of strange benefits: including the opportunity to purchase the actual hardwood court on which they won the championship.

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