Convertible adjustable-rate mortgage

This mortgage originates as an adjustable rate loan however it can be converted into a fixed-rate loan over a specific period of time


The transfer of a property by the transfer of a title-- a deed.

Conveyance tax

A tax imposed on the transfer of a title

Cooperating Broker

A broker who finds a buyer or seller for a property listed by another broker.


a multi-unit building used for residential use that is owned by a corporation, who lease these units


A new offer made on the sale price or sales terms and conditions made in reply to a previous offer.

Courier Fees

The fee charged by a courier to deliver documents regarding the sales transaction throughout the entire process.

Covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs)-

Rules and restrictions set on land development.


A term used to apply land restrictions including failure to comply to terms. Often used by land developers to set standards for property

Credit History

a comprehensive record of an individual

Credit Rating


Credit Report

An analysis of an individual


The end of a street or alley that is circular in shape to alleviate traffic trouble.

Curable defect

A small, fixable defect on a property, that is fixed at either a relatively low cost or with little labor required.

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