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Definition of Areas

San Antonio Areas

MLS Map Area/County (2601, 2602, 2612, 2613)

MLS Map Area/County (1300)

MLS Map Area/County (2900)

MLS Map Area/County (2605, 2606)

MLS Map Area/County (0900, 1300)

MLS Map Area/County (0700, 0800)

MLS Map Area/County (SABOR 27)

MLS Map Area/County (06, 14)

MLS Map Area/County (1500, 1600, 1700)

MLS Map Area/County (1801, 1802, 1803, 1804)

MLS Map Area/County (10, 04, 05)


MLS Map Area/County (SABOR 27)

MLS Map Area/County (19, 20, 21, 22, 23)

MLS Map Area/County (1100)

MLS Map Area/County (0100, 0200, 0300)

MLS Map Area/County (28)

Hill Country Areas

North Hill Country

(View zip Codes Here)

West Hill Country

(View zip Codes Here)

Central Hill Country

(View zip Codes Here)

East Hill Country

(View zip Codes Here)

South Hill Country

(View zip Codes Here)

Step 5: Your designations

Which Designations and Certifications do you currently hold?

Step 6: Your Involvement

Step 7: Expert Ranking

Please order the following items from #1, your most expert qualification to #8, your least expert qualification. (Click and drag with your mouse or finger on touch devices.)

  1. Historic - I am an expert in homes and neighborhoods in registered historical districts.
  2. Work Proximity - I have a high level of knowledge of geography and transit.
  3. Neighborhood - I am an expert in popular neighborhoods and their amenities.
  4. Urban - I am in expert in Downtown Condominium/Multi-family housing.
  5. Luxury - I sell two (2) or more homes valued $500,000 or more annually.
  6. School Districts - I am an expert in “Texas School Report Cards” and school district boundaries.
  7. Culture - I have a unique understanding of the need’s of culturaly diverse clients.
  8. Investment - I routinely help clients buy or sell investment properties.

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Ad hoc: Showing or accompanied showing
$25 per hour (driving time and showing time only – not time to schedule appointments) with a $50 minimum. Showing agents are encouraged to log mileage as well as time.

Commission: Showing up until contract negotiation
25% of the commission at closing (note: 25% conforms with KW showing assistant model)

Hybrid: Showing up until contract negotiated
10% of the commission at closing plus $10 per hour (driving time and showing time only – not time to schedule appointments)

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